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Saturday, March 06, 2010

World of Onn: Core Rules

It's Here!

As a 'sneak peek' thing, I put the Core Rules softcover and e-book up versions for sale at midnight over at my Fantasy Adventure Studios Lulu storefront (link on the right). I'm posting here for those early-morning bird-types so if anyone is interested, they can get a jump on their weekend. I'll be posting to the message boards later today.

For those that have shown interest and emailed their thoughts, thank you for the support.

For my players in the Thursday game, as well as the Saturday night players that have begun the game, I have your copies of the book ordered as a Thank You for enduring the continual play testing.

James Bobb


James said...
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James said...

Let me try that again. Congratulations! Just in time for the TARGA news.

James Bobb said...

LOL, very cool, I made someone's news list.