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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Collection of Magical Rods

Some of the Magic Items that can be inserted into any Old School-type of fantasy game (namely Original D&D, 'B/X' D&D, Swords & Wizardry and World of Onn) are the most fun. Here's a small collection of Magical Rods to add to your game:

Note: If used as a weapon, magical rods function as clubs. All spell effects are considered as if cast by a 9th level caster for the purpose of Dispelling (if applicable).

Rod, Blast: Allows a spellcaster to drain one of his memorized spells away and fire a bolt of magic at a target to a range of 30 ft with a +2 bonus on the ‘to hit’ roll. Damage inflicted is 1d4 per level of the spell drained. Does not use charges.

Rod of Health: This rod can restore 2d6+2 hit points to an individual once each day, but can be used on an unlimited number of people. Does not use charges.

Rod of Illumination: While held, this rod provides light as a light spell. Does not use charges.

Rod of Leadership: While held in battle, increases the Morale score of character’s hirelings by +1. For characters with established strongholds, improves the reactions of followers and peasantry to any decisions by +1 when held while ruling in state. Does not use charges.

Rod of Prestidigitation: Allows the user to do simple actions that mimic simple tools (such as lighting candles, fires and pipes at the snap of a finger, cut hair, shave, sew rips in clothes, etc) or produce small extremely minor magical effects (such as levitating a book, flipping pages, create a faint ball of light 1 ft radius, make his eyes glow, etc). No effect can cause more than 1 point of damage and has an extremely limited range, usually never more than 10 ft and magical effects never last more than a turn. Does not use charges.

Rod of Weapons: On command, this rod will take the form of any one-handed (or multi-handed capable) weapon until commanded to revert back to rod form. Roll 1d3 for the rod’s magical bonus. Does not use charges.

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