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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sympathetic Transformation

Since the World of Onn uses a System Shock saving throw to determine how well a character deals with massive physical changes to his body, such as being petrified or having his body reformed into something else, there is a little-known magic from the Zuhn Empire's heyday that allowed casters to take other forms without worry of the magic overcoming them and possibly malforming their bodies or the stress of taking on new shapes killing them.

Sympathetic Transformation
Spell Level: Magic-user, 4th Level
Range: Touch
Duration: Special

When this spell is cast, if a transformation spell of some type (enlarge, polymorph, stone to flesh, etc) immediately follows on the target, he automatically succeeds any required System Shock saving throw the transformation effect may call for. This spell will last as long as the transformation spell affecting the character lasts.

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