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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Orbulous Servitor (Lesser Golem)

Orbulous Servitor Golem (Lesser, S)
Armor Class:4[15]
Hit Dice:1 (6 hp)
Attacks:1 claw (1d3) or flaming oil (1d8 for 2 rounds)
Saving Throw:17
Magic Resistance:Nil
Special:Immune to sleep, charm and hold, flight
Move:150ft(50ft) fly
Challenge Level/XP:2 / 30

Orbulous servitors are metallic spheres that float about 3-5 ft off the ground. They have a single red eye that tracks from side to side and a single claw that hangs from the bottom of their body. While not very good combatants, orbulous servitors have a higher degree of agility than other golems and can make good use of grenade-like weapons if available. They mainly see use as an assistant to handle dangerous reagents or tedious work like pot stirring and the like.

For a conversion into Swords & Wizardry, divide first number of the base movement rate by 10, so Orbulous Servitors would have a S&W movement of 15.

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