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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some of Onn's Deities

I thought I'd post some information on Onn's Deities, just to break into the enormous number of spells I'm working on (I hadn't realized how spell-centric the blog has been over the last week until today). The World of Onn doesn't use any alignment system and its Deities are not constrained by them either. A follower of Apathos (Deity of Lords and Generals) could be a beneficent Lord or vile Tyrant or a bloodthirsty General of a great army. The Deities draw their power from the faith mortals have in their core concepts. They leave mortal morals and ethics to the mortals and support whomever believes in them. So for your consideration:

Favored Weapon: Long Sword
Holy Symbol: Ruby Eye
Arek is the Demon Lord of Oozes, Slimes and Madness. His titles include the Slime Lord and the Infernal Madness. Arek was imprisoned long ago for his crimes in the mortal realms, but has found ways to project small amounts of his power so his clerics still receive spells. Because of his status, his shrines are usually only found in the most out of the way places or underground and in the sewers of civilized places. Clerics of Arek are a strange lot, given to fits of crazed thoughts or those driven mad by a past experience. They also seek to spread the habitats of slimes and ooze creatures. Arek cannot personally respond to his cleric’s prayers due to his incarceration, but he is always depicted in his shrines and temples as a pillar of slime with a multitude of ruby eyes. In his eight pseudo pod-like arms he wields long swords.

Favored Weapon: War Hammer
Holy Symbol: A bleeding right hand
Tymira is the Goddess of the Alleviation of Suffering, Healing and Protection those in Need. Her titles include the Healing Hand and the Wounded Lady. Long ago Tymira was simply the Goddess of Protection, but during some deific battle the former Goddess of Healing was struck down. Seeing the suffering caused to mortals she took up the former goddess' mantle of healing and alleviating the ills of those in suffering as well as her own of protection. Because of this she has earned the eternal enmity of Ordulin and Zargos. Clerics of Tymira seek to ease the pains and protect others in the name of their goddess. Tymira usually only manifests as a bleeding hand to those faithful who call upon her, but has manifested as a raven-haired girl with alabaster skin and a wounded right hand in the past. In her shrines and temples only her wounded hand is ever depicted to remind her worshippers of their role.

Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword
Holy Symbol: A pair of crossed swords
Vardion is the God of Combat, Strength and War. His titles include the Lord of War and the Weapon-master. Those who live by violent means usually find the favor of Vardion. Vardion is also the right hand of Apathos and the clerics of both Deities can be found working together on many occasions. Clerics of Vardion live by the blood spilt by their blades, but prefer the regimented fighting found on a battlefield or through the use of sound tactics when in non-regimented groups. They despise those that fight simply to slake their blood-lust and will attack any berserkers or followers of Astaroth on sight. Vardion is said to reside in a great hall full of the bravest and honorable of warriors, fighting great battles by day and celebrating with mead and wenches by night. He is depicted as a massive man, full of strength and with a mane of blood-stained brown hair. His bastard sword, Magiddo's Touch is always in his left hand. For the faithful of Vardion, his favor is shown by the bringing of weapons and armor, strength or luck to those combatants in need.

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