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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Eagle’s Eye Trading Coffer (Secret Organization)

I started writing the World of Onn as a campaign supplement for D&D3.5 and as such, the last campaign I ran in it was for that system. Events transpired that saw a city overrun by the troops of a usurper to the throne of the Great Kingdom and then the transofrmation of the region into a haven for undead. One of the player characters seized the opportunity to establish a network that would work towards removing the undead threat, install a legitimate government and continue to support it as well as oppose tyrants anywhere people are oppressed. Most of the following text is written by Brian Freed, with minor editing by myself.

While there will be an established hierarchy within the guild, individual members are given plenty of flexibility to act on their own while on missions. The core objective of the guild is to not only earn profit for the coffer, but better the world around them in the process. Values to be displayed by the membership include protecting the weak, solving problems, and fighting against tyranny and slavery whenever possible.

Organization Type: Spy Ring/Trading Company

Spy Ring: Information is power. This aspect of the guild will look to garner information whenever possible, which should be passed up the chain of command when necessary. After the re-establishment of the rightful rulership of Whitemarsh, the coffer will serve as the “eyes and ears” of the government to help prevent any resurgence of Inquisitors or others who wish to overthrow the throne. All outside jobs, for instance – gathering information for a local lord – must be approved by the leadership. Only those jobs that are within the goals of the organization, benevolent in nature, or helpful to the security of the populace overall will be accepted. For example, the coffer will not accept scouting jobs for a group of thieves looking to gather information on the building layout of a local merchant. If however, the merchant in the example was thought to be smuggling slaves, the job might be taken.

Trading Company: A legitimate business operation that will provide porter, protection (body guards and caravan) and eventually shipment operations. Protection could also be in the form of anti-theft setup, like providing a business with traps and such to deter thievery. Once Whitemarsh's government is re-established, the community will need to be revitalized and rebuilt. This part of the organization will look to supply the local populace with the means to do so. Shipment and protection is for legitimate purposes only; jobs will not be taken where there are known smuggled goods involved or protecting known evil/criminal individuals. This will also help with information gathering as this aspect of the organization grows because travel will help establish a large network of information sources. This would be the major source of income to support the other phases of operation.

Major Goals
1. Establishment of the rightful government of Whitemarsh.
2. Once the above has been taken care of: Protection of the government through providing information. This, of course, is dependent on the government being benevolent for the people. This goal would change if the new ruler proved to be tyrannical in nature.
3. Oppose the followers of Nerak the Tyrant, God of Slavery, wherever possible.
4. Protection of those legitimately in need.

Creed - “Individual Freedom allows for individual fulfillment of destiny”


Anonymous said...

UGGHHhhh....Now I am having flashbacks of skeletons and one large killing machine tossing the party about... and let's not forget those darn inquisitors...

Never thought I would be reading my own writing on the web. It kind of shocked me when I stopped in for my daily visit to see what was up on your end. Looking back, that whole description could probably be cleaned up some.

Hope all is well,

James Bobb said...

Neat thing huh? I keep everything you guys add to my games so I can whip it out years later and haunt new players and new characters with it...muhahahaha!

Since it was your own original creation, I didn't want to make any changes other than what were vital to the way it would interact with the rest of the world.

I'm glad it brought back fun memories, that campaign was a rocking way to end my 3.5 game.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was a little neat. I sort of "popped" back when I saw the title. Still want to go back there and finish the deal...LOL!

James Bobb said...

Unfortunately, while I don't mind playing 3rd ed anymore (I wish I had my work weekends on the actual weekends so I can rejoin the Saturday group on a regular basis) I'm done running with it.