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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Gone and Not Forgotten

As anyone who makes the Old School Blog rounds knows today was the second anniversary of the passing of the man we all know simply as 'Gary'. I don't have any sweeping stories about meeting or playing with him, although once I just missed him at a Con I attended with a few friends (the only Con I had ever been to, actually). Thankfully one of them was quick-witted enough to get his autograph in my OD&D Greyhawk Supplement, something that I'll treasure always. Though I never met the man, every time I sit around a table with my friends, it's thanks to Gary.

Though he couldn't be part of D&D and see his child through all of its tumultuous latter years, the seeds he planted back in the day continue to grow. As long as we pass on the fun of the past to the gamers of the future the flame will continue on.

Thank you Gary, you are still missed...

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