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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Dungeon, Room 6

Another large chamber roughly 20 ft wide but 40 ft long. The ceiling in the southern half of the room looks as if it partially collapsed, as several feet of rock are shattered on the ground and the ceiling extends about 5 ft higher.

Hiding in the rubble is a giant snake (50% chance for either a constrictor or poisonous snake). If not discovered it will strike with surprise.

Snake, Giant (L) – AC 5[15]; HD 3; Att bite (1d4) + special; Save 14; Morale 6; MR Nil; Special constriction (2d6) or average poison; Move 90 ft (30 ft); TC A; CL/XP 4 / 120

Random Dungeon, Room 5

This plain stone chamber appears to be empty, near the center of the room some dark stains and a skull rest on the floor.

Running about 1 inch high along the east and west sides of the room are iron bands. They stick up from the floor and against the walls. When at least 2 man-size creatures move along the same wall, the entire floor tilts, dropping them into a 15 ft pit. The entire floor rests on a central stone beam (like a see-saw) that runs east/west and is counterweighted to spin two full rotations. On the second spin anyone in the pit of man-size or larger must successfully make a Dodge saving throw or be decapitated by the sharp iron edge of the floor. The rotation of the floor and the edge carry the head back up and the sudden stop usually bounces the head off the wall and rolls it in the general vicinity of the room’s center. There are 5 bodies of adventurers (long dead fighting-men, nothing usable) and 3 giant badgers (more fresh but rotting). One adventurer is decapitated.

Random Dungeon, Room 4

A large stone chamber roughly 20 ft long and wide houses several large nests, of which are several large badgers the size of a man.

2 Badgers, Giant (M) – AC 4[16]; HD 3; Att 2 claws (1d3) + bite (1d6); Save 14; Morale 7; MR Nil; Special Nil; Move 60 ft (20 ft); TC A; CL/XP 3 / 60

Random Dungeon, Room 3

Camped in this stone room are 3 small creatures, barely 2 ft tall. They look as if they haven’t eaten a decent meal in weeks, their light grey skin pulled taught over their thin frames. Several bones and scraps of leather litter the room, but nothing appears intact. Several alcoves line one side of the room as well, their contents hidden by the darkness. The gremlins here have been starving for a good meal for a long time. The scraps of what’s left of their last meal has nothing of use or value. The alcoves are lined with statues of dwarven warriors, with the exception of location B; in this alcove is a dwarven magic-user whose hands are held out as if he were reading a scroll, but none is present. Each of the statues were previously living adventurers turned to stone long ago, then sold off to collectors. How they ended up here is anyone’s guess.

3 Gremlins (S) – AC 7[13]; HD 1d3 hp; Att 1 claw (1) and devour food; Save 18; Morale 6; MR 20%; Special bad luck aura, devour food, DR 1/arc wood; Move 120 ft (40 ft); TC B; CL/XP B / 10

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Dungeon, Room 2

2 - Heading Things Off Quick: The door to this room is locked with an easy lock. The room is lined with plain, upright stone coffins, all of which are opened. Inside are the dried husks of dead warriors, their ancient weapons and armor corroded beyond repair. The bodies themselves are unremarkable, but if anyone in the party inspects any of them closely without touching them, it will be noticed that the heads were cut cleanly from the bodies and set back on the neck stumps. If the bodies are touched or moved, the heads will roll off the bodies and attack! One of the bodies is concealing a wand of floating disc (39 charges, caster level 5).

12 Crawling Horrors, Head (S) – AC 6[14]; HD 1d6 hp each; Att bite (1d4); Save 18; Morale Nil; MR Nil; Special turn as skeleton, undead immunities; Move 60 ft (20 ft); TC A; CL/XP B / 10 each

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Dungeon

Since the end of the X4 game (which was awesome if I say so myself), I've changed jobs and my regular tabletop game has been forced on hiatus. I still have a play by post and  late night messenger game going, but these are more like situational sessions than campaigns. Anyway, I figured it would be neat to create a Random Dungeon using the tables for encounters/contents in the Expanded Core Rules every day or so to do up a short description of a room and its contents. Use it if you want or just steal a thing here or there for your own Onn/OD&D/S&W or B/X D&D games. As a new project, we'll start with a 1st level-type difficulty. Heres a larger size map, cause i know its tinyish over on the right.

Consider the squares to be 10 ft with a height of 10 ft, doors to be old iron-banded wood (not quite rotten yet), unless otherwise noted and no light.

Since Area 1 is the entry area, there are no encounters, treasure or traps (let the players feel a little safe before the carnage begins). The worn, winding stone stairs lead to a rough-hewn room about 30 ft square. The dank and musty air feels oppresive and the flickering light creates menacing shadows across the walls. From the base of the stairs you can see passages leading north and south from the far corners of the room.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tunnel Horror

Inhabiting the dark places under the earth, tunnel horrors are large, bug-like terrors best avoided by those that know of their existance. Tunnel horrors are beetle-like creatures that walk upright on four thick legs, their other four legs ending in wickedly sharp and strong pick-like claws. They can feel the vibrations of creatures moving on stone (a type of tremor-sense) within 200 ft. Tunnel horrors have the a fanged maw as well and a single, compound eye on their heads. Their eye glows with a soft limunescence and at a distance can be mistaken for a faint lantern. In combat, those looking at the eye (25% chance per round unless the attacker is avoiding looking at the monster's upper half, suffering a -2 penalty on 'to hit' rolls) suffer the same effects as a confusion spell for 1d3 rounds, plus the difference of the failed saving throw. They can burrow through solid rock at the rate of 10 ft per round. A favorite tactic of tunnel horrors is to wait behind a wall of rock a few feet thick and then burst through when the feel something approach the other side, gaining a +1 suprise bonus.

Tunnel Horror (L)
Armor Class:2[18]
Hit Dice:8
Attacks:4 claws (1d6) + bite (1d8)
Saving Throw:8
Magic Resistance:Nil
Special:burrow, confusion
Move:90ft(30ft) / 30ft(10ft) burrow
Challenge Level/XP:10 / 1,400