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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Dungeon, Room 5

This plain stone chamber appears to be empty, near the center of the room some dark stains and a skull rest on the floor.

Running about 1 inch high along the east and west sides of the room are iron bands. They stick up from the floor and against the walls. When at least 2 man-size creatures move along the same wall, the entire floor tilts, dropping them into a 15 ft pit. The entire floor rests on a central stone beam (like a see-saw) that runs east/west and is counterweighted to spin two full rotations. On the second spin anyone in the pit of man-size or larger must successfully make a Dodge saving throw or be decapitated by the sharp iron edge of the floor. The rotation of the floor and the edge carry the head back up and the sudden stop usually bounces the head off the wall and rolls it in the general vicinity of the room’s center. There are 5 bodies of adventurers (long dead fighting-men, nothing usable) and 3 giant badgers (more fresh but rotting). One adventurer is decapitated.

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