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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Dungeon, Room 2

2 - Heading Things Off Quick: The door to this room is locked with an easy lock. The room is lined with plain, upright stone coffins, all of which are opened. Inside are the dried husks of dead warriors, their ancient weapons and armor corroded beyond repair. The bodies themselves are unremarkable, but if anyone in the party inspects any of them closely without touching them, it will be noticed that the heads were cut cleanly from the bodies and set back on the neck stumps. If the bodies are touched or moved, the heads will roll off the bodies and attack! One of the bodies is concealing a wand of floating disc (39 charges, caster level 5).

12 Crawling Horrors, Head (S) – AC 6[14]; HD 1d6 hp each; Att bite (1d4); Save 18; Morale Nil; MR Nil; Special turn as skeleton, undead immunities; Move 60 ft (20 ft); TC A; CL/XP B / 10 each

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