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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Campaign

It's been roughly 8 months since the players took that left turn and decided to leave the Witchfire and the events of Vinter's invasion of the small town of Whitemarsh behind them, or so they thought. Over the months of gametime, news of Vinter's advancing forces and strike teams kept reaching the group. The Cleric decided to found a monument/stronghold and through the use of a Lyre of Construction aiding construction his monument is nearing completion years ahead of schedule. The other members have made themselves at home, some pursuing their own goals (the forged man ranger in particular is taking his hand at inventing and maybe by spring the first working davinci helicopters and tanks will see use).

Ever present though is the war and it has been pushing slowly east towards them. A few sessions ago it hit home, literally. Several strike teams of Vinter's commandos hit the stronghold with 2 war meks and did some damage before being routed and reporting back. The group learned eventually that Vahn Oberon (who they met in the Witchfire Trilogy) is looking to exterminate any Forged Men they find and the group's ranger has survived several encounters with hit squads already. In the last session, one of Vinter's expendable assassins was sent to kill the Cleric, but failed.

In a twist, she was given to a demon summoned by the Spellblade, who promptly ate her soul.

The group several times now has determined to go back to Whitemarsh but keeps getting sidetracked by more pressing matters, one of which was a Frost Giant spellcaster of some kind that found a way to breed sunlight resistant brown mold. Over a score of Apathos' Crusaders fell to the creature and the cold before the High Priest retreated and broods over his next step.

So far they count among their enemies and loose ends -
Haindrad - the Death Knight that took the Witch's Blade from them
Vinter the Elder - the cause of the war threatening them
Vahn Oberon - Vinter's right hand and who's men are trying to recover the Witches' Blade and kill off Forged Men
Whitemarsh Coven - the undead witches whose leader, Lexaria Cimmor swore vengeance on the party over killing her daughter and stealing the Witches Blade from.
Father Dumas - ever helpful to the party, but they discovered when they arrived in Pax Valis to the high church of Tymira the good father died 18 years past and was not raised
The Black Bastard - mysterious leader of the strongest crime organization in Whitemarsh
'Ember' - a mountain dragon they plundered the lair of, in the process killing Ember's 2 favorite squirrel pets

Deck of Chance

Deck of Chance: This deck of expensive-looking playing cards has only jokers, aces and numbered cards 2 to 8’s. Once per day, any character can draw one card from the deck. The number drawn, minus 4, is the adjustment the character takes on all ‘to hit’ rolls, saving throws, AC and any skill-like rolls for 24 hours. Aces count as 1’s and jokers count as 0’s.

Heart of Steel

Heart of Steel: When placed on the chest of a Forged Man, the heart melds into its chest cavity and grows connections throughout its body, resembling blood vessels and veins. This increases a functioning (above 0 hit points) Forged Man’s daily self repair ability by +2.

Flame Blade

Flame Blade: This specially enchanted weapon is found as a hilt or handle made of darkwood. In the hands of a Druid or Ranger the weapon’s head can be commanded to spring into existence, composed of flames. The weapon gives off light as bright as a torch and inflicts 3d4 fire damage per hit.

Armor of the Forest

Armor of the Forest: These suits of Plate Mail are carved completely from darkwood, but have the strength and flexibility of iron. When worn it functions like Plate Mail +1. When donned by a Ranger it provides an armor class of 3[17] plus magical bonuses but possesses the statistics of a Chain Shirt.

Guardian of Faith

Guardian of Faith
Spell Level: Cleric 2
Range: 30 ft
Duration: 1 hour / level

When this prayer is uttered, the Cleric calls a minor servant of his Deity. The servant then guards an area of 30 ft in radius around the target point of the spell. If any creature moves into the protected area and is not an ally of the Cleric (the Cleric can designate who may move freely in and out of the area), a glowing knight of the Cleric’s faith appears before the intruder and attacks him as a 4 HD monster. If the guardian hits, the intruder must make a Toughness saving throw or be paralyzed for 1d6+4 rounds. In any event, once the Guardian is activated, the spell ends and the Cleric is made aware of the intruder. 

Nimbus of Saints*

Nimbus of Saints*
Spell Level: Cleric 3
Range: Self
Duration: 1 turn

When cast, a halo of light (or darkness) forms over the Cleric’s head. For the spell’s duration, any healing spell cast within 10 ft of the Cleric (including his own) gain an extra die.
The reverse of this spell, Nimbus of Darkness, causes any reversed healing spell that inflicts damage cast within 10 ft of the Anti-cleric (including his own) to gain an extra die.