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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Character Attack Ranks in Onn

Attack Ranks
All characters attack at Attack Rank A (1 attack per round). Bards, the Fighting-men classes and Shao Disciples have the ability to make more than 1 attack per round against monsters of 1 Hit Dice or greater when they reach higher experience levels.
Characters with a listed number of attacks per round make all of their attacks as normal on their initiative. Characters with a number of attacks per 2 rounds make 2 attacks on even numbered rounds and the balance of their attacks on odd numbered rounds.

Character Attack Ranks
RankBardsFighting-menShao DisciplesAttacks/Round
B10+7-128-143/2 rounds
D-19+-5/2 rounds

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A little fun from Gaming moments past

I'm a hardcore KotDT fan, and when funny stuff happened at our gaming table I'd do a small strip commemorating the moment... for the longest time when we ordered out for food invariably someone's food was left off the order and a delivery person (sometimes a cute delivery person ^_^) would have to run it out late. For the longest time it was also the same person's food too, lol! Well we tried a different place that didn't have delivery so one of the group went to get the food, which should have been about a half an hour or so...