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Friday, January 27, 2012

Turning Undead in Onn

I thought I'd share a small slice of one of the changes for the Revised Core Rules - Clerics and Divine Champions versus the Undead.

Clerics and Divine Champions Turn Undead by rolling 3d6 plus their Wisdom adjustment and cross reference the result according to their level and the number rolled on the chart. Successful turnings have a 30 ft radius centered on the character and any creature to be affected must be able to see them. A successful turning attempt affects 1d6 HD of undead, plus an additional 1d6 per point of the Cleric’s Charisma adjustment. A minimum of 1 creature will be turned on a successful attempt. The creatures in the area of effect will be turned from the weakest to the strongest if different types of undead are in the area. Turned undead are forced to retreat outside area of effect - if they cannot, they will move as far away as possible and only attack to defend themselves.

If the Cleric scores double or greater than the number needed to turn, he destroys up to the number of HD indicated. If triple the number needed is scored he destroys an additional 1d6 HD of undead creatures and if quadruple the needed score is reached, an additional 2d6 HD are destroyed.

For example – Jana the Adept (3rd level Cleric) possesses a Wisdom of 15 (+1) and Charisma of 17 (+2) She encounters 7 Skeletons and 2 ghouls Winning Initiative, she moves to within 30 ft of them all and pronounces the evil possessing the undead to be driven off. Her turn check is a 14 on 3d6+1, and her number affected is 12 HD rolled on 3d6 (1d6, plus an additional d6 for each point of her Charisma adjustment). Jana has doubled the score of the roll needed to turn the Skeletons, so all 7 of them vaporize in the holy light of her Deity, leaving  5 HD for the Ghouls. Only 1 ghoul is turned, leaving the other unaffected. Each Ghoul has 3 HD, and the remaining 5 HD of Jana’s number affected will only affect one of them, the partial HD left having no effect on the remaining Ghoul.

Clerics versus Undead Table
Undead HDClr 1Clr 2Clr 3Clr 4Clr 5
<1 HD107444
1 HD1310744
2 HD16131074
3-4 HD191613107
5 HD2219161310
6 HD-22191613

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Using Monster XP as XP Needed

Everyone has seen and/or created their perfect 'Class Creator' for their game system. They take into account most aspects of the classes and assign point values to each ability in order to custom build classes players may want to play.

This isn't one of those things, lol. I took the monster XPV chart and the adjustments used for monster abilities and built the class XP values for each level through 10th. This is all highly a mental exercise for fun, but if you consider that a HD is a HD no matter the values and spellcasting and combat ability balance out, here is how I assigned the adjustments:

Cleric - Starts out on the Class B Level monster line (equivelent to 1-1 HD), +1 for turning ability, +1 for 1st/2nd level spells, +1 for 3rd/4th level spells, +1 for 5th level spells.

Fighting-man - Starts out on the 1 HD line, +1 for combat ability.

Magic-user - Starts out on the Class A Level monster line (equivelent to 1/2 HD), +1 for 1st/2nd level spells, +1 for 3rd/4th level spells, +1 for 5th level spells.

Keep in mind I'm using the Onn XPV chart (adapted from Swords & Wizardry Core Rules), but the XP chart looks like this:

If Characters needed the XP they are worth as Monsters to Advance