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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Due to my power supply frying in my desktop PC, work has once again ground to a halt on the Revised Core Rules and Supplement II. All the files are safe and no data was lost (I back everything up in a crazy way now) but the software I use for everything and the pdf software is on the desk PC, so until I get a new one...I'm spinning my wheels.

I did finish off the monsters section and get started on the treasures section before everything happenned. I got as far as implementing a new/old treasure style more in line with D&D using Treasure Classes and designated A through K (there are no individual classes and group classes). Basically every group of monsters has a treasure class, whether they are encountered individually or not. The Referee can reduce the treasure by half for less than average numbers of monsters encountered or double it if more than average monsters appear. Also, the treasure list is expanding more, allowing for more miscllaneous treasures and more types of cursed treasures.

I also have rooms 7 thru 20 for the random dungean as well on that drive, so I may roll up new ones and save those for later.

I'll post more as news happens.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Resource Updates

As of today, I have Sections 1 to 8 (124 pages of material) reformatted and only need to finish up Sections 9 (Monsters, nearly done), 10 (Magic Items), 11 (Atlas of Onn) and the Appendices of the Revised Core Rules. I decided not to split the book into seperate players's and referee's books and to keep it all in one volume as a matter of value to the people that will buy this and the fact that as far as all the retro-games/clones/remakes goes, Onn is the only resource that is a full rules resource for players and Referees as well as background material and information for a setting 99% compatible with Basic/Expert Dungeons & Dragons, AD&D, Swords & Wizardry, Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game, Lybrinth Lord or almost any 'old school' RPG based on the d20.

As for Onn Supplement II for Swords & Wizardry, after i finish reformatting the RCR I'll have this done within a week or so, being able to use the format of the finished book for the rest of my projects. Things are moving slowly, but still moving.

As an aside, I've been fixing the monster section. Its only 47 pages, but has 170 seperate creature entries (not counting creature variants like Treants of 7-12 HD). So thus far with ploting all of the classes out to 25th level, adding 7th level Cleric, Druid and Illusionist spells and 8th-9th level Magic-user spells, a few more races and a new class, the page count hasnt blown up to an unrealistic level. I'm getting excited again about how his will turn out.



Some say once long ago, during the Zuhn Empire’s reign, the experiments carried out on monsters and animals in Darkmoor’s halls of science produced these monstrosities. These creatures resemble huge frogs nearly 10 ft around with short, sharp claws and topped by the head of an alligator. Frogligators are excellent swimmers in water and hop fast on land.
Frogligator hides have a slight adaptive ability, granting them a +1 bonus to be hidden and on surprise rolls. They possess the same lashing tongue attack of their normal-sized cousins, able to reach up to 15 ft distant. On a successful ‘to hit’ roll, the victim must succeed at a Strength check on 4d6 or be dragged into the mouth for automatic bite damage. Up to four smaller than man-size creatures, such as gnomes and halflings, can be swallowed whole and take 1d8 points of damage per round until retrieved.

Frogligator (L)AC 4[16]; HD 6; Att claw (1d6) + bite (2d8) or tongue lash; Save 12; Morale 8; MR Nil; Special camoflague (+1), swim, tongue lash; Move 90 ft (30 ft) / 150 ft (50 ft) swim; TC A; CL/XP 7 / 600
[DISCLAIMER - Image used from the 'Alligator Frog' minaiture from Center Stage Miniatures site.]