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Thursday, February 10, 2011



Some say once long ago, during the Zuhn Empire’s reign, the experiments carried out on monsters and animals in Darkmoor’s halls of science produced these monstrosities. These creatures resemble huge frogs nearly 10 ft around with short, sharp claws and topped by the head of an alligator. Frogligators are excellent swimmers in water and hop fast on land.
Frogligator hides have a slight adaptive ability, granting them a +1 bonus to be hidden and on surprise rolls. They possess the same lashing tongue attack of their normal-sized cousins, able to reach up to 15 ft distant. On a successful ‘to hit’ roll, the victim must succeed at a Strength check on 4d6 or be dragged into the mouth for automatic bite damage. Up to four smaller than man-size creatures, such as gnomes and halflings, can be swallowed whole and take 1d8 points of damage per round until retrieved.

Frogligator (L)AC 4[16]; HD 6; Att claw (1d6) + bite (2d8) or tongue lash; Save 12; Morale 8; MR Nil; Special camoflague (+1), swim, tongue lash; Move 90 ft (30 ft) / 150 ft (50 ft) swim; TC A; CL/XP 7 / 600
[DISCLAIMER - Image used from the 'Alligator Frog' minaiture from Center Stage Miniatures site.]


Kurt said...

Bartender, another drink...I don't think I'm quite drunk enough yet...I saw a hopping alligator with a prehensile tongue...


Cool critter, Jim!

James Bobb said...

Hehe...I updated the post with the minaiture that inspired the stat block. Its a beastie from the Revised Core Rules, someday I'll be finished fixing that format and get it in print!

Center Stage Miniatures said...

I like it! Now you just need to add some Frogligators to your gaming table. :wink: :wink: :nudge: :nudge:

James Bobb said...

LOL summer is an amazing time, full of tax refund checks and free time to paint. *wink*