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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Due to my power supply frying in my desktop PC, work has once again ground to a halt on the Revised Core Rules and Supplement II. All the files are safe and no data was lost (I back everything up in a crazy way now) but the software I use for everything and the pdf software is on the desk PC, so until I get a new one...I'm spinning my wheels.

I did finish off the monsters section and get started on the treasures section before everything happenned. I got as far as implementing a new/old treasure style more in line with D&D using Treasure Classes and designated A through K (there are no individual classes and group classes). Basically every group of monsters has a treasure class, whether they are encountered individually or not. The Referee can reduce the treasure by half for less than average numbers of monsters encountered or double it if more than average monsters appear. Also, the treasure list is expanding more, allowing for more miscllaneous treasures and more types of cursed treasures.

I also have rooms 7 thru 20 for the random dungean as well on that drive, so I may roll up new ones and save those for later.

I'll post more as news happens.

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Kurt said...

If you need a basic ATX power supply, I can pull the one that's currently in my old system. I *think* it's a 300 watt supply.