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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Dungeon

Since the end of the X4 game (which was awesome if I say so myself), I've changed jobs and my regular tabletop game has been forced on hiatus. I still have a play by post and  late night messenger game going, but these are more like situational sessions than campaigns. Anyway, I figured it would be neat to create a Random Dungeon using the tables for encounters/contents in the Expanded Core Rules every day or so to do up a short description of a room and its contents. Use it if you want or just steal a thing here or there for your own Onn/OD&D/S&W or B/X D&D games. As a new project, we'll start with a 1st level-type difficulty. Heres a larger size map, cause i know its tinyish over on the right.

Consider the squares to be 10 ft with a height of 10 ft, doors to be old iron-banded wood (not quite rotten yet), unless otherwise noted and no light.

Since Area 1 is the entry area, there are no encounters, treasure or traps (let the players feel a little safe before the carnage begins). The worn, winding stone stairs lead to a rough-hewn room about 30 ft square. The dank and musty air feels oppresive and the flickering light creates menacing shadows across the walls. From the base of the stairs you can see passages leading north and south from the far corners of the room.

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