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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tunnel Horror

Inhabiting the dark places under the earth, tunnel horrors are large, bug-like terrors best avoided by those that know of their existance. Tunnel horrors are beetle-like creatures that walk upright on four thick legs, their other four legs ending in wickedly sharp and strong pick-like claws. They can feel the vibrations of creatures moving on stone (a type of tremor-sense) within 200 ft. Tunnel horrors have the a fanged maw as well and a single, compound eye on their heads. Their eye glows with a soft limunescence and at a distance can be mistaken for a faint lantern. In combat, those looking at the eye (25% chance per round unless the attacker is avoiding looking at the monster's upper half, suffering a -2 penalty on 'to hit' rolls) suffer the same effects as a confusion spell for 1d3 rounds, plus the difference of the failed saving throw. They can burrow through solid rock at the rate of 10 ft per round. A favorite tactic of tunnel horrors is to wait behind a wall of rock a few feet thick and then burst through when the feel something approach the other side, gaining a +1 suprise bonus.

Tunnel Horror (L)
Armor Class:2[18]
Hit Dice:8
Attacks:4 claws (1d6) + bite (1d8)
Saving Throw:8
Magic Resistance:Nil
Special:burrow, confusion
Move:90ft(30ft) / 30ft(10ft) burrow
Challenge Level/XP:10 / 1,400


Kurt said...

This is a pretty interesting monster. A little umber hulk-ish, but different and pretty cool.

I like the simple mechanics of how the confusion works.

James Bobb said...

As far as I could tell, 'Umber Hulks' are the IP of WotC and don't appear in the SRD, so this is my replacement for them in Onn. *evil laughter here*

Anonymous said...

Looks neat, consider this *yoinked*!