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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Dungeon, Room 3

Camped in this stone room are 3 small creatures, barely 2 ft tall. They look as if they haven’t eaten a decent meal in weeks, their light grey skin pulled taught over their thin frames. Several bones and scraps of leather litter the room, but nothing appears intact. Several alcoves line one side of the room as well, their contents hidden by the darkness. The gremlins here have been starving for a good meal for a long time. The scraps of what’s left of their last meal has nothing of use or value. The alcoves are lined with statues of dwarven warriors, with the exception of location B; in this alcove is a dwarven magic-user whose hands are held out as if he were reading a scroll, but none is present. Each of the statues were previously living adventurers turned to stone long ago, then sold off to collectors. How they ended up here is anyone’s guess.

3 Gremlins (S) – AC 7[13]; HD 1d3 hp; Att 1 claw (1) and devour food; Save 18; Morale 6; MR 20%; Special bad luck aura, devour food, DR 1/arc wood; Move 120 ft (40 ft); TC B; CL/XP B / 10

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