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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Forsaken Knights

Forsaken Knight, Undead (M)
Armor Class:-1[20]
Hit Dice:9
Attacks:2 weapon (1d10+2) or 2 touch (1d8+2)
Saving Throw:6
Magic Resistance:15%
Special:DR 9/Blessed, immune to sleep, charm, and hold, aura, harmful touch, spell-like abilities, command undead
Challenge Level/XP:14 / 3,000

Divine Champions are rare enough that when one turns from his Deity, his Deity takes notice. Low level Divine Champions are given sufficient leeway, but after a Divine Champion’s deeds become part of his church’s lessons and he becomes a shining example of his faith, transgressions can have severe consequences. The greatest is turning away from one’s faith in a crucial moment. For breaking this vow, the unfortunate Champion is laid with a Curse of the Forsaken - on his death he will be denied the peace of an afterlife, bound in his body to forever roam the mortal realm - in effect becoming a powerful undead.

No matter what type of armor a Forsaken Knight wears, it appears tarnished and worn, his holy symbol blackened and twisted. If the Knight’s features can be seen he appears much as in life, but with leathery, mummified-looking skin and a hollow voice. His eyes glow with a feral red to sickly orange color.

In combat, Forsaken Knights are devastating melee opponents. In addition to their martial abilities, they produce an aura of blight 10 ft radius that inflicts a -2 penalty on all enemies’ attack rolls, their touch inflicts 1d8+2 points of damage from the death energies that sustain them and 3 times per day they can use in any combination spiritual weapon (1d6+1 damage), consecrate* and finger of death (at 9th level Clerical ability) as a spell-like power. Once per week they may perform a word of recall as well. Lastly, Forsaken Knights can command undead and cast spells as a 3rd level Anti-cleric.

For a conversion into Swords & Wizardry, the Forsaken Knight's movement score is 9 and XP Value is 2,600.


James Bobb said...

Just for my Sirac's Point players, this is the generic 'Forsaken Knight'. Haindrad the Unholy is different from the norm.

Kurt said...

Yeah...he's probably worse...and he's pissed at cow-boy.

James Bobb said...

LOL, 'cow-boy'...

James Bobb said...

Kurt said...
Yeah...he's probably worse...

His full title is Saint Haindrad the Unholy, First of the Forsaken Knights...and yeah, Flambo succeeded in giving him a burn that is etched into hs memory like a hot coal on ice. He has 'other business' to attend to for a while, but after that...

Kurt said...

Yeah...after that it'll be time for beer and steaks...and perhaps a new pair of boots and some gloves, too.