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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The manual for Ultima IV had a beastairy in it that was illustrated. One of my favorite opponents was a creature called a Headless. The picture was of a hairy, fuzzy creature in a loincloth and wielding a spear. It didn't look dangerous at all (except for the spear) and they were like Kobolds for Britannia I guess cause they were dirt cheap XPs and always seemed to be near max numbers for encounters. Another way Ultima has affected Onn I guess.

Headless (S)
Armor Class:6[13]
Hit Dice:1d4 hp
Attacks:bite (1d4) or weapon (1d6-1)
Saving Throw:18
Magic Resistance:Nil
Challenge Level/XP:A / 5

Headless are small (3 ft tall) humanoids with a fanged mouth set in the center of their torso, but with no head or visible sight organs. Their squat bodies are covered in short fur and they wear primitive furs for clothing and can wield primitively constructed weapons (spears, daggers, slings, clubs, etc). They sense their surroundings through air movement and can ‘see’ invisible and hiding creatures as plainly as visible ones.

For a conversion into Swords & Wizardry, divide first number of the base movement rate by 10, so Headless would have a S&W movement of 9.


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