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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Potion Miscibility

When writing the Onn Core Rules, I wanted to add this little table to the 'Potion' section of the magic items, but there was no room and I didn't want to go over my page count, even for a single page. I may add it to the Onn Companion Guide, but until then, here is the Potion Miscibility Table I use. When a character drinks a potion that has a duration longer than Immediate and at least one other potion is still in effect, the Referee can roll on the table below:

Potion Miscibility
d% RollResult
01 - 15Explosion! 5d6 damage to imbiber!
16 - 25Explosion! 4d4 damage to imbiber!
26 - 40Poison!
41 - 50Immiscible! Both potions negated!
51 - 60Immiscible! Both potions reduced to half efficiency!
61 - 90Miscible! Both potions work normally!
91 - 99Compatible! One potion works at 150% efficiency!
00Discovery! Potions combine for new effect (possibly not beneficial)!

It should be noted that if mixed externally, the effect will affect a 10 ft radius if applicable (such as the explosion and poison results).

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