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Saturday, March 13, 2010

A nice suprise

I got a nice suprise when I woke up yesterday evening - the Misus told me a package arrived earlier in the day. Now, I recieved softcover copies of the Core Rules I ordered on Saturday, Thursday afternoon - just in time to give to my Thursday nite gaming group as thanks for their patience in helping me finish playtesting it. The package I got Friday was the lone copy of the Core Rules I ordered in Hardcover format. I wasn't expecting it until next week at the earliest so it was a suprise!

I was originally planning on doing a single-volume hardcover Core Rules (hence ordering one to make sure it was correct), but one of my players suggested breaking it into a Player's Volume and Referee's Volume. The Core Rules has a natural break in it already by design for PDF customers to be able to print out one half for their players if they so choose and the full book or just the referee's half for themselves for at the table. So I'm going to look into this and if the pricing is cheaper or similar for two smaller books versus one larger book, I think I'll offer both types of hardcovers.

I'll keep things posted...

Post Update 3/13:

After doing some pricing, producing a Player's Volume would cost about $17.75 and Referee's Volume $18.25...about $10 more than a single volume. Apparently hardcovers start at a minimum pricing of $15.60 (I thought it was closer to $10 for some reason). I don't see a reason to do this, but if there's enough interest I can put up seperate volumes as well as the whole Core book as Hardcovers.

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