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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

World of Onn: Core Rules Contents

Ok, I got my proof of the Core Rules yesterday and spent some time going over it. There were a few changes to be made, but nothing major (poor spelling, some missing information and misinformation in referring to pages in the book that changed). For some reason it's easier to go through a real book and spot errors, so I hope when it's ready that I caught all the major ones and didn't miss anything minor either.

The World of Onn Core Rules is 223 pages of 9-point, single-column, single-spaced text with black and white illustrations throughout. The book is basically broken into 3 major sections, with the players section first, the Referee's section second and the Atlas section last. In the player's section you will find:
  • 1 page - Introduction/how to use the dice
  • 2 pages - Ability Scores
  • 8 pages - Character Races (Endu, Gnoll, Gnome are new, other races had various alterations from Supplement I)
  • 18 pages - Character Classes - Level Limits, Bards, Clerics (Druids, Shao Disciples), Fighting-men (Divine Champions, Rangers and Spellblades) and Magic-users (Illusionists)
  • 7 pages - Equipment and Movement
  • 4 pages - Playing the Game
  • 6 pages - Initiative and Combat
  • 50 pages - Spells and Magic (broken down by Cleric, Druid, Illusionist and Magic-user with spells listed by class and level in their own sections instead of one master alphabetical list and new 'named' spells by actual players)
In the Referee's section you will find:
  • 9 pages - Referee Information from A to Z
  • 51 pages - Monster Information including stat blocks for all monsters, a couple of new monsters, some variations of old monsters, short guide to creating monsters, random encounter generators
  • 20 pages - Magic Items and generation tables
In the Atlas section you will find:
  • 2 pages - Overview of Onn, history, timeline, calendar, miscellaneous information
  • 5 pages - Atlas of Ossus
  • 3 pages - Atlas of Var-Ultar
  • 3 pages - Maps of the Lands
Now, the atlas section may seem small, but has all of the information from Supplement I's Lands of Ossus plus the addition of Var-Ultar. Much information is spread in tidbits throughout the book as well, in character race descriptions and in some monster entries. It's not meant to be a highly detailed campaign setting like 'modern' presentations are, but more of a backdrop that individual Referees can use the ideas and suggestions found therein to work their own games, stories or campaigns (or whatever they wish to call how they play). Some of the most important events in the setting are intentionally left vague for Referees to work out on their own for what works best for their game and not constrain them into a set ideology. Think of it as a world-size sandbox if you will.

  • 14 pages of Appendices
Kimberly still has some art left to finish up, but has a more pressing commitment to attend to that involves lots of studying, so they book art is on hold until the end of January. I'm shooting for mid-February to have a finished, polished book available for everyone (or anyone) interested.


Flynn said...

I have completed a review of the World of Onn Core Rules, if you are interested:


James Bobb said...

Flynn, thank you for your honest and fully-disclosed review!