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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Moi Greke

While searching for Onn's identity I reached back through my gaming roots and personal like for mythology and history. One of the things I wanted to keep were commonly percieved notions about things so players and Referees could believe the setting, but still have room for the fantastic and supernatural. One of the staples of my historical loves are the Greeks and their myths. Years ago, one of my fellow players, Brian Freed, built and Refereed in his own setting on and off, called Moi Greke.

Brian is a very tactical-minded historic buff. He loves military history, tactics and all things battle related. He also has a penchant for naming his Rangers with the letter "R", the most memorable being Rommel (in honor of the Desert Fox, of course) and another character, Rentar (either an elf or half-elf, the memory is fuzzy now), was the inspiration for Rentarwood. Brian's Moi Greke campaigns were filled with alot of fun times, some historical perspective (in a fun way, he didn't ram tactics down our throats with his enemies or he would have wiped the floor with us) and alot of close calls. He enjoyed when he saw us figure out something 'on the field' as well as when the plot advanced.

I have to say, I miss playing in his setting alot. The summer of 2008 when I was finally working on the finishing touches for Onn as a setting for 3e (a project that never finished as I found Swords & Wizardry and jumped whole-heartedly into creating Onn's Supplement I for that system), he was working on updating his setting as well for a new campaign, but my work schedule changed and I couldn't play on game day and missed a vast majority of the games he ran.

So, when deciding on the general culture for one of Onn's lands, I settled on the Greek, all because of the fun from Brian's games. It makes the mishmash of European Middle Ages, Viking and Greek philosophy and combat tactics more interesting, at least to me.

Roll on Brian, may they all be 'Nats'! (Just not on my PC!)

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