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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Shout Outs in the World of Onn

While I was writing the post for Moi Greke, I was thinking about all of the people that were inspirations in creating 'my' game. I think that 'my' is a misnoner of sorts, for I didn't create everything myself. All of my friends had a part in inspiring me or nudging me in certain directions and when creating Onn, I made sure they got props in some form, even if they would be an inside thing my group only got. Now that I'm blogging, I want everyone who reads this to know too, these are my friends, adventuring companions, the people I spend every Thursday and Saturday I can when there's a game going on (and believe me when I say they are too few and far between these days). So without further ado ~
  • Jeff Clark - Clarksburg (town)
  • Barton Pyle - Tobran Elyp (town), Tania's Spells, Grimwood
  • Jennifer Pyle - Fjineren (town)
  • Brian Freed - Rentarwood (town)
  • Jacob Johns - Tigrans, Taren's Spells
  • Steven LaBounty - Forged Men, Ventes Battlefield
  • Rory Coble - the Bard class
  • Kurt Feltenburger - Kurtonus (town)
  • John McCallum - Asarlai (monster, actually most of the Norsicar towns were named by him as well)
  • Brad Cox - Trollkin (monster, sometimes Player race, not character, I really mean Player)
I may be missing a couple more as well, but my group had alot of input on the rules, pre-Swords & Wizardry and post as well. They were my playtesters, contributors, complainers, enjoyers and approvers - without all of them, the World of Onn would just be scattered notes in binders.

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