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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Strength Spell

Spell Level: Magic-user, 2nd Level
Range: Touch
Duration: 48 turns

For the duration of the spell, the recipient becomes stronger and able to deal more damage. Warriors (Fighting-men and their subclasses) roll 1d10+2, Bards and Clerics (Clerics and their subclasses) roll 2d4 and Wizards (Magic-users and their subclasses) roll 1d6 on the chart below to determine the spell’s effectiveness:
Die RollDamage AdjustmentWeight Allowance
1-3None+25 lbs
4-6+1+50 lbs
7-8+2+100 lbs
9-10+3+200 lbs
11-12+4+400 lbs

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