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Friday, January 08, 2010

Tales from Sirac's Point, Session 1

So, the first session of the new campaign got started last night, I’m running some real players through Tales from Sirac’s Point as a shakedown for the module.

We spent the first few hours doing some catching up and ordering out while characters were created, typical fare (although the chatting sessions don’t normally last so long, we hadn’t gotten together in over a month so there was catching up to do). Characters created, we had the Magi-scout Vendee (Male Elven Spellblade) and Flambo the Acolyte (Male Endu Cleric of Vulknar) as the base party. Vendee was a young elf born in Feywood and sent by his superiors to learn more about the Endu culture of the far lands of Var-Ultar. After spending several years there, he befriended a young Endu Cleric, Flambo, and when his current service was done to the satisfaction to his superiors, he was granted a few years of ‘off duty’. Vendee decided to return to the Lands of Ossus and Flambo accompanied him, so they boarded a ship bound for Sirac’s Point, the largest port on southern Ossus’ shores.

The people of Sirac’s Point have literally seen most things the world can offer. They trade silks from far away Ankh-tor, spices from the Great Kingdom and everywhere in between, but when an Endu steps off a ship, the people took notice. Flambo was given a wide berth by the people around him (partly due to his wobbly land legs, and partly from fear he would step on them). Eventually the adventurers made their way to a middle-class inn near the Trader’s Quarter called the Grounded Wench.

Inside they found a small establishment with a near-empty tap room off to the side. The owner, Helga, greeted them in her finest, thickly accented way (she sounded like a Helga from Bulgaria) and offered them rooms. Flambo had to negotiate a price for his though, due to his size Helga feared there would be ‘damages’ incurred on the furniture. After getting keys, they wandered over to the tap room and met Boors, bartender and cook. He offered them some food from the sparse selection available, which included some meat he simply called ‘Thing’. Both decided to try it, and after several minutes, both decided it was good, but tasted strange, neither pork, beef or fowl. When questioned, Boors simply said he got it from some adventurers that cleared out monsters from his wine cellar a couple of weeks ago. Apparently the town was built over the ruins of an older port city and an earthquake opened up some passages to the surface and some creatures have been cropping up. When Vendee and Flambo showed interest in the matter, Boors told them to see if the town hall had any more information or work for hire.

They passed through the Merchant’s Quarter and the Bazaar while trying to find the town hall. They perused a few of the wares, even a few purportedly ‘magical’ ones, but the prices were a bit rich for their purses. Eventually they found the hall, made their way in (with people still gawking at Flambo) and discovered there were several things of interest to the leadership of the town (or interested parties):

~ An expedition to Haindrad’s Hills was being formed to leave in 2 days to attempt to locate Haindrad’s Lost Tomb.

~ Scouts were needed to travel to the former port town of Ventes (now a ruin and battlefield) because of reports of humanoids looting the weapons and armor of the fallen.

~ The Lord Mayor was interested in hiring parties to travel into the ruins of the Undercity and explore it and eliminate any threats to Sirac’s Point.

They decided to hire out for the Tomb Expedition, but in the meantime to do some exploring in the Undercity. Winding their way through the streets they found the Warriors Guild, mentioned by Boors, and were accosted by Karl, the Old Coot and Guildmaster. After some wrangling and negotiating, they hired 2 of the Guild’s members - Galeena Bramblefoot (female halfling Normal Man) - Daniel (male human Normal Man) - it turns out Daniel has a bit of a shady past and lost his weapons gambling at a game of chance. Through their negotiations to hire these two, the group also discovered an adventuring company hired a few retainers a week prior to go into the Undercity and none of them returned.

They equipped both in a manner befitting their status and Vendee found a Magic-user of Veldmari birth (Lirus the Prestidigitator, male elf Magic-user), eventually enticing him to join them as well with the offer of first choice of any magic scrolls the first time they encounter any.

Thus equipped and their numbers bolstered, they determined to meet the next morning and find a place to enter the Undercity. At Galeena’s suggestion, the next morning they met at Cicero’s Books (a place of learning and book-trade) because she heard a tale or two that there was an entrance under the shop. Ready for their first taste of adventure, they prepared to enter…

And that’s where the first session ended…

Campaign Date:
Solenus 4th-5th, 5231 A.C.

XP given out:
Flambo the Acolyte - 75 xp (75 xp)
Vendee the Magi-scout - 112 xp (112 xp)
Galeena Bramblefoot - 0 xp (0 xp)
Daniel - 0 xp (0 xp)
Lirus the Prestidigitator - 0 xp (0 xp)

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