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Friday, January 15, 2010



Where trolls raid, they usually take no prisoners or leave anything alive. Occasionally they take some ‘live meat’ back to their lairs for feasting later. Of the few survivors, one or two may be taken for ‘recreational’ purposes. These unfortunates are kept alive if they bear the fruit of the troll’s deprivations. Those born of troll and man are slightly taller than a normal man, but generally possess more intelligence than the troll parent. These children are prized by troll tribes for their ability to plan and execute better raids on their food supply. Some trollkin leave their tribes or (very rarely) their mothers escape and raise the trollkin in civilization. Trollkin are grudgingly accepted by most people due to the nature of their birth, but never accepted with open arms (they are half troll still). Trollkin stand about 6 1/2 ft tall and have dull oily hair with greenish-tinged, swarthy skin.
Trollkin are brutes through and through, making them predisposed towards the fighting classes. They see little use for gods and things they can not touch or feel, but prize magic as a (mostly) destructive means to their ends.

A character must have at least a 9 Strength and Constitution to be a Trollkin.
Favored Class: Trollkin have unlimited advancement in the Fighting-man class.
Darkvision: Trollkin can see up to 10 ft in the dark. Light equal to torchlight or greater interferes with darkvision.
Lesser Regeneration: Trollkin heal 1 hit point of non-fire or acid damage per hour unless killed and can reattach lost limbs as well (but not their head). Normal damage can kill a trollkin.
Troll Blood: In addition to being affected by spells and effects that work on men, trollkin can be harmed by effects that specifically target trolls as well as regenerating creatures in general.
Languages: Trollkin speak common and troll.

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