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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Give 'Em a Fighting Chance - Combat Options

Fighting-men learn one combat option at 1st level. Additional combat options are gained at 5th, 10th and 15th levels. This allows Fighting-men to become more diveres and unique warriors than what weapons they're using (and in some games, even that doesn't matter since all weapons do the same damage).Fighting-man sub-classes learn combat options at 6th level and every 6 levels thereafter (6th, 12th, etc) if the Referee wishes to allow them access to these abilities.
  • Berserk - This grants a +2 bonus to the attack roll and damage rolls for one entire combat, but the character takes a +1[-1] penalty to armor class as well. Immediately after the combat ends, the character must rest for 1 turn or be exhausted, suffering a -2 penalty to all die rolls and a +2[-2] penalty to armor class for the rest of the day.
  • Cleaving Strike (5th+) - If you kill a melee opponent of 1 HD or more, you can make an immediate free attack on another opponent within your melee reach, but no more than once per round.
  • Combat Defense - You can voluntarily take a penalty to attack rolls up to the value of your Bonus to Hit and gain this penalty as a bonus to armor class until you decide to end the defensive stance.
  • Disarm - The character can attempt to remove his opponent’s weapon from his grasp. If the character makes a successful attack no damage is inflicted, but the target must make a saving throw with half the attacker’s level applied as a penalty to the die roll or his weapon falls 1d10 ft distant.
  • Lance Attack - When charging with a lance, the character inflicts triple damage on a successful hit.
  • Melee Archer - When throwing or firing a missile weapon while in melee combat, the character does not generate a free attack from his melee opponent(s).
  • Overpowering Strike (10th+) - When using a two-handed melee weapon the character can choose to make only 1 attack in a round with a -4 penalty to hit. If the attack hits, the target is flung 10 ft away from the attacker if it is the same size or smaller, taking an additional 1d6 damage if he strikes a hard surface and has a 50% chance of being knocked down.
  • Pugilist - The character does +1 point of damage when striking with his bare hands or feet. He is considered wielding an allowed off-hand weapon and to have the Two-weapon Fighting ability while unarmed.
  • Sharp Shooting - When firing a missile weapon into melee combat, the character halves any chance to hit blocking melee combatants.
  • Shield Mastery - Choose 1 type of shield you are proficient in. While fighting with this shield type, the character gains an additional -1[+1] bonus to his armor class from the shield.
  • Shield Strike - You can use a shield as an off-hand weapon and keep its AC adjustment. You are considered to be wielding an allowed off-hand weapon and to have the Two-weapon Fighting ability while shield striking. Light shields inflict 1d4 damage, medium shields inflict 1d6 damage for you.
  • Single Weapon Style - Fighting with a one-handed weapon and nothing in your off-hand, grants you a +1 bonus to Dodge saving throws and a -1[+1] bonus to your armor class.
  • Skewering Strike (5th+) - If attacking with a lance, pole-arm, spear or trident any critical hits you make also strikes the creature in the 2nd rank behind your foe for normal damage.
  • Smash (10th+) - If you only make a single melee attack in a round at a -4 penalty, you add half your Strength score to your damage.
  • Spear Maneuvers - When fighting with a spear the character can reach the 2nd rank while fighting 1-handed. The character may set a spear or trident against a charging opponent and if the character hits (attack roll required), he inflicts double damage to the charging opponent.
  • Strike Mighty Blow - When using a two-handed melee weapon, you gain a +1 damage bonus.
  • Taunt - You can enrage your enemy and get him to close into melee range with you, ignoring everyone but you if he fails an Ego saving throw.
  • Two-weapon Fighting - You can fight with two weapons with less of a penalty to attack rolls with certain weapons.

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