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Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Endu


Long ago the Demon Lord Minosus created a legion of half-men that possessed the size, strength and visage of an enraged bull, the cunning of a stalking animal and the adaptability of humans, creatures he named Minotaur. These abominations bred true and populated Minosus’ vile planar home. When he felt his creations were ready, he opened gates to Onn and allowed them to flood the world, sowing destruction and sorrow in their wake. The isolation of the Endu in the race’s early existence though proved to be the downfall of Minosus. Some few learned of the other Gods and faiths after their release on the world. Of these, a movement was taken up by a few of the Endu to break away from their task and take up the banner of other faiths. Of these other Gods the faith of Vulknar took hold strongest. In his aspect as the Sun God and the Forger, the Endu race that had been kept in darkness and ordered only to destroy found a void to be filled. Minosus learned too late of the movements sweeping his war machine. On the land now known as the Plains of the Godslain, the Endu forces led by Vulknar priests met those still under Minosus’ favor. The battle decimated the ranks of both sides, but in the end both deities manifested at the desperate pleas of their favored and clashed on the field. When the dust settled the Endu won their independence and Minosus was defeated. To mark the day as a new beginning, Vulknar blesses those that choose to willingly follow him and the race took the name Endu, in honor of the mythical first priest of Vulknar.

A character must have at least a 9 Strength and Charisma to be an Endu.
Favored Class: Endu have unlimited advancement in the Cleric, Divine Champion and Shao Disciple classes.
Hit Die Adjustment: Due to their powerful build, Endu roll d6’s for hit points when a member of any Magic-user class instead of d4’s.
Weapon/Armor Restrictions: Armor made for an Endu weighs twice as much as normal and has twice the cost. Two-handed weapons other than pole-arms can be used one-handed with full benefit.
Larger than Man-size: Endu take up a space equal to 10 ft x 10 ft and can reach 2 ranks with their normal attacks and 3 ranks when using a pole-arm or spear. They have double the carrying capacity of a Man.
Low-light Sight: Endu can see up to 10 ft beyond lantern or torch light. Outdoors they can see twice the distance of a man in moon or bright starlight.
Natural Attack: Endu can gore with their horns for 1d6 points of damage.
Maze-like Mind: Due to their creation in Minosus’ Twisted Maze, Endu are immune to disorientation, becoming lost while indoors or underground and Maze spells.
Mark of Flame: Endu that become Clerics or Divine Champions of Vulknar gain fiery-golden, feathered wings and a fly speed equal to their normal movement minus 30 ft (10 ft).
Automatic Languages: Endu speak tauric and common.

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