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Friday, January 15, 2010

Healing Circle

A potent healing magic, for higher level Clerics and Druids to perform miracle or faith-based healing on Onn. This spell is compatible with the Swords & Wizardry and old-school Original, Basic or Expert level games as well:

Healing Circle*
Spell Level: Cleric, 5th Level
Range: Caster
Duration: Instantaneous

This spell heals the caster and all allies in a 10 ft radius around the caster of 2d6+2 points of damage. Optionally, this spell can remove paralysis, cure blindness or deafness in an ally at the caster’s desire, but when these maladies are removed only 1d6+1 points of damage are cured for that individual.
An evil reversal of this spell allows an Anti-cleric to cause a circle of wounds inflicting 2d6+2 points of damage to all in a 10 ft radius around the caster.


James said...

Thanks to Daddy Grognard, I just found your blog. Loved the supplement.

James Bobb said...

Thanks alot, I'm glad you found the supplement useful (or at least entertaining). Which Grognard would you be referring to?

James said...

He's the gentleman on your followers list with the Dr. Who Avatar

James Bobb said...

Ahh, I see now. :o)