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Saturday, January 16, 2010


The Magic-users of the Zuhn Empire had magics at their disposal that have been lost since the Fire in the Sky obliterated most of their knowledge from history. Though the Gods did not claim a hand in the event (even the most vile and destructive of demonlords has not claimed such a triumph over mortals) they did acknowledge they altered the way magic functioned so mortals could never eclipse the power of the gods again. One of the few spells that is encountered rarely and known to still function as it once did is the Longevity spell.

Spell Level: Magic-user, 7th level
Range: Touch
Duration: Special

When cast, Longevity stops the biological clock for the recipient. For 1d6+4 years he ceases to age physically (though his mental abilities will still be affected normally). This spell can only be cast on the same person once every decade from the first application. There is a 5% chance with each casting on the same recipient that all of the previous Longevity spells are undone.
Alternatively, this spell can be used to remove 1d6+4 years supernatural or magical aging. The recipient must succeed a System Shock roll or 1 year of aging permanently remains.

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