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Monday, January 18, 2010

Spellblade (Fighting-man Subclass)

The World of Onn defaults to using Level Limits, but offers several options as to Hard and Soft caps. In addition, some races have 1 or more Favored Classes they have unlimted advancement in. For Elves, one of their 'special' classes the the Spellblade:

Hit Dice Type: 1d6 per level; after 9th level +2 hp per level.
Armor/Shield Permitted: All armor and shields.
Weapons Permitted: All.
Prime Attribute: Strength and Intelligence, 5% XP Bonus for 15+.
Attack Table: As per Fighting-man.
Starting Gold: 3d6x10gp.

When the Elves came through the portal from the Faerie Realm, it was their specialist warriors other races refer to as Spellblades that entered first and established a foothold on Ossus. The Elven Spellblades are warrior-mages that combine the deadly, dance-like elven fighting styles with the Arcane art of magic. Though it started as an elven-only profession, non-elves with great talent for warfare and magic have been taught its ways by the elves and the profession has spread, though it is still rare.

The Spellblade is a sub-class of the Fighting-man that is strong and smart. Prospective Spellblades must have scores of at least 12 in Strength and Intelligence. Spellblades gain several special abilities from their training in blending physical prowess with arcane magic.

Spellblade Class Abilities

Prestidigitation (1st level): Spellblades can do simple actions that mimic simple tools (such as lighting candles, fires and pipes at the snap of a finger, cut hair, shave, sew rips in clothes, etc) or produce small extremely minor magical effects (such as levitating a book, flipping pages, create a faint ball of light 1 ft radius, make his eyes glow, etc). No effect can cause more than 1 point of damage and has an extremely limited range, usually never more than 10 ft and magical effects never last more than a turn.

Spellblade Arms and Armor (1st level): A Spellblade can form armor and weapons from his Ethereal field. His armor protects him like Leather armor and at 5th level increases effectiveness to Chainmail. He may create any one-handed melee or throwing weapon but it always inflicts 1d6 points of damage. At 5th level any melee weapon he creates inflicts 1d8 damage, or two weapons that inflict 1d6 damage (he takes penalties for an allowed off-hand weapon). The armor is weightless and does not interfere with spellcasting. Armor and weapons take 1 round to create and last until dismissed or dispelled. They can not be given to another character.

Magic-user Spells (2nd level): Spellblades learn how to combine martial and magical skills. They gain the ability to cast Magic-user spells as a caster level equal to their Spellblade level. They follow the Magic-user class rules for starting spells, spellbooks and spell acquisition. The number of spells a Spellblade can cast per day is given on the table. Spellblades can only cast spells while wearing Light armor (S&W: Leather and Ring) and/or shields or less or Spellblade armor.

Minor Item Creation (2nd level): Spellblades with access to a magical laboratory may make scrolls, potions and wands of spells they already know, similarly to the process a Magic-user uses.

Spellblade’s Strike (4th Level): At 4th level, Spellblades can fully harm creatures with DR/Magic (weapons) with any weapon (even a normal one) he is wielding. At 4th level they can hit creatures requiring +1 Magic, 8th level +2 Magic and 12th level +3 Magic.

Enspell Armor or Weapon (7th level): A Spellblade can cast 1st and 2nd level spells into his weapon or armor. They will persist for 1 round per spell level plus his Intelligence adjustment and any creature struck by the weapon or hitting the character will be affected by the spell as if it was a single-target version at half of its normal effectiveness, if applicable.

Establish Stronghold (9th): At ninth level, a Spellblade may establish a stronghold and attract a body of 10d10 loyal men-at-arms who will swear fealty to him. Most likely, the protection of a castle will attract villagers, and the Spellblade may choose become a feudal Lord or even a Baron.
LevelTitleExperienceHDDodgeEgoToughnessM-u Spells
7Spellblade Disciple72,0007d698102/2/2
9Spellblade Lord288,0009d67683/3/2/2
10Spellblade Lord380,000+2 hp6573/3/3/2/1
11Spellblade Lord480,000+2 hp5463/3/3/3/2
12Spellblade Lord580,000+6 hp5464/3/3/3/2/1
13Spellblade Lord680,000+8 hp5464/4/4/3/2/1
14Spellblade Lord780,000+10 hp5464/4/4/3/2/2
15+Spellblade Lord+100,000+2 hp5464/4/4/4/3/2

Ideas for this class were contributed and playtested by Kurt Feltenburger.

For a conversion into Swords & Wizardry, use the Fighting-man saving throw number with modifiers allowed to both the Fighting-man and Magic-user, can spellcast in Leather armor (but not with a shield readied).

For an OD&D conversion, they would gain the best saving throws allowed to Fighting-men and Magic-users of an equal level and allowed to spellcast in Leather armor. Hit dice would be either d6 (LBB) or d6 (LBB+Supplements if you use the variable Hit Dice rules).

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