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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Slow Week

This will be a post-lite week on the World of Onn. I have another project I'm working on while Kimberly is studying for her tests this week. Hopefully the art will start flowing next week so I can sew up the Core Rules and get them out to anyone interested in them. Session 4 of Tales from Sirac's Point is scheduled to run on Thursday the 28th, so you can expect a post over the weekend about that.

Onn-ward Adventurers!

As an addendum to the post: Session #4 for Tales from Sirac's Point has been postponed. I have some business that needs to be attended to on Thursday the 28th, so the next game will be on February 4th. Due to the fact it is my fault for the game postponement, a small amount of XP is being given out to the characters (equal to 1/20 what is needed to make 2nd level for each class).

XP given out:
Acolyte Flambo of Vulknar, Male Endu - 75 xp (1,040 xp)
Vendee the Magi-scout, Male Elf - 112 xp (1,263 xp)
Galeena Bramblefoot, Woman-at-Arms, Female Halfling - 50 xp (457 xp)
Lirus the Prestidigitator, Male Elf - 62 xp (469 xp)
Cregg the Acolyte of Tymira, Male Human - 75 xp (255 xp)
Rak'Shan the Initiate, Male Tigran - 87 xp (279 xp)


Dalamon WolfMage said...

How are we doing the XP Bonus? Is it a bonus from the XP earned?

James Bobb said...

The numbers I post are the raw numbers, not adjusted for any XP bonuses you are due. For ease, if you want to apply the bonus to your XP needed to reach 2nd Level that's fine, or you can apply it to the XP earned.