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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tales from Sirac's Point, Session 5

We did play today, but the session notes will have to wait until tomorrow.

Update 2/20: I'm still writing out the session, it should appear in the next day or 2.

Update 2/22:

Campaign Date:
Solenus 18th, 5231 A.C.

Well-rested, the group set about in the morning mist using the Map Vendee created from the map room in the Knights' Tomb. By mid-morning they found a large area about 100 yards long and 50 yards wide that seemed unusually flat and a strange formation of two small (2ft tall) white marble pillars about 1 foot and a half apart were found. It was determined that this was the place and the formation was probably the remains of a statue (the legs) and digging into the earth confirmed so when the feet and base were found. Some quick discussion on whether a statue outside of a temple or tomb would face towards or away ensued and the group decided the statue would face away. A search was started behind the statue feet to find any place where a likely entrance to an undergound chamber could be found. Flambo took to the air, finally able to stretch his wings and the rest of the group fanned outwards.

Both Rak'Shan and Flambo discovered a deep gully near the far end of the flat area and in it a hole, some 4ft tall was in its side. Flambo retrieved the rest of the party while Rak'Shan searched about and discerned there were small dog-like prints in the mud of the gully. The rest of the group gathered around the gully and Rak'Shan was given a lantern by Galeena and green-lighted to scout in by the group.

He got through the hole and discovered the interior was much larger and was well-carved stone stairs that descended and curved deeper undergound. He explored them until he arrived at a landing and waited for the rest of the group. When they caught up, they moved down a short hall and arrived at a four-way intersection.

At the intersection, a magic mouth appeared and directed newcomers to the passage on their right for rest, to the left if they were in need of bathing and refreshing or to continue on to the main temple if they so desired. Searching about, they determined the dog-like tracks came by this way and went to the right, to the 'rest area'.

Following the tracks, they found a large room that was once a common resting room, mostly disintegrated bunks and linens made odd-looking organized rows through the room. There was a door in the far corner of the room as well. Autumn found a rusted iron box in what may once have been a leather bag. There was a keyhole, but further searching produced no key. Flambo decided to test his strength against the weakened metal and the box crunched with some effort, producing a cloud of greenish, poppy-smelling vapor. Flambo felt sluggish for a few moments, taking the puff in the face, but suffered no ill-effects. Rak'Shan determined the tracks went through the room and the other door, so after their searching was done, the group aligned at the door.

Rak'Shan opened the door and was greeted by a trio of javelins, thrown by small dog-men. In the furious combat that ensued, Rak'Shan was knocked out by one of the larger dog-men and nearly decapitated as a trophy, but withthe rest of the party taking some minor damage, dispatched the yapping creatures. The room was searched, but was merely a storage room for the common room and contained nothing beyond the worn cot frames and moldy linens and the dog-men had nothing of value.

Healing magic applied, all of the wounded were at least mobile and in fighting condition. Returning to the main passageway, they decided to take the other fork to the 'bathing room'. After Rak'Shan determined there was a bubbling sound but nothing more, the group noted this door was in much better condition than the other doors encountered thus far. The door opened, revealing a large bathing room, complete with a large oval bathing pool (15ft x 10ft) filled with bubbling, black brackish water and another door at the far side of the room. The room was searched, with nothing of value found and the door led to another storage room, filled with moldy, time-worn linens.

Rak'Shan did his best to stay away from the pool, being at the far end of the room when Vendee borrowed Autumn's spear and poked the bottom of the pool to determine its depth. Striking something metallic, then stone to either side, the thought was there may be treasure in the pool. Those thoughts were turned aside when seven skeletons burst from the pool forcing the group back towards the room's exit. Rak'Shan, at the far corner and seperated from the group was either ignored or unnoticed, that is until Cregg called for the protection of Tymira and turned the skeletons...right towards a solitary Rak'Shan.

Owing to his natural agility and monastic training, Rak'Shan was able to escape being surrounded and the group waded in with Cregg keeping the unholy creatures pinned close to the far wall. Vendee called on the power of his magical amulet once again and was ignored by the undead as the group waded in. Some more minor wounds were inflicted but the adventurers were victorious.

More bandaging and frugal use of the group's limited healing magic were applied. Rak'Shan volunteered to search the pool and after entering it discovered the water was moving, sluggishly coming from several jets around the sides and there was a drain in several places in the bottom. After nearly an hour of painstaking searching, a small horde of silver was recovered from the pool as well as some small amounts of other coinage. The loot was sacked for the time being, with Flambo designated as the treasure carrier since he seemed not to be overly affected by the extra weight.

Onward they pressed, moving cautiously into the chapel, which was a pillared affair with a vaulted ceiling. Flambo, Cregg and Rak'Shan could feel the reasuring effect of the consecrated area and a grand altar sat at the chapel's far wall. Carved into the altar was Apathos' holy symbol, a red crown on a black field. There were also a single door on each side of the room. A search revealed there were slight grooves to one side of the altar. Flambo attempted to move it, but the 'click' sound of a locking mechanism prevented it from moving. Not wanting to possibly destroy a deity's altar, they decided to try to find the key or mechanism to unlock the altar first.

Taking the door on the right side of the chapel, they discovered a trio of rooms that appeared to be acolyte's quarters. The first one they explored, a swarm of crawling hands erupted from the debris in teh room, forcing the group to retreat to the chapel. The hands wouldn't enter the room to attack though. Not wanting to possibly end whatever sanctuary-like effect they were in, the idea to attack from within the room was nixed. One by one, the party members worked their way out into the all again, fending off the hands and creating space for Cregg to get into the hallway, where he successfully called on Tymira agian to drive off the unholy creatures. The party gave chase into a different acolyte's quarters and cut, squished and splattered the hands to the last. They searched all three rooms, finding some more minor treasure and a monocle hidden in a niche behind a fallen-apart bookcase. Vendee set off a dart trap while taking a small idol of Apathos, but suffered nothing more than a scratch for his effort. The small treasures were counted and added to the mounting total for Flambo to carry, then the group returned to the chapel and the other door.

Following the hallway to another 4-way intersection, they pressed straight ahead until the hall ended at a door. Rak'Shan listened, but heard nothing. The door was forced open to reveal a library-like chamber with a small consecrated altar in the center. Looking at the tomes and volumes on the shelves, titles such as 'Divine Enchanting', 'Holy Theory on the Creation of Magical Items' and the like were piled high. One of the party members attempted to take a book from the shelf, but it fell apart in his hands. Knowing that if there was a way to restore the ancient books they would be worth some good coin, so the descision not to touch anything more was made and the door was shut.

Back at the interesction, the group took the left fork and found another door. On this door was a tarnished brass plate that read in archaic common (or Zuhnish) 'High Priest'. Opening the door revealed quarters for a high priest of the chapel, with ancient religious paraphernalia well beyond its usefulness. Though they were cautious on seeing a suit of ancient full-plate on an armor stand, when it was noticed that the armor was wearing a holy symbol of Apathos as opposed to having one engraved or painted on the breastplate, the armor stepped off the stand and proceeded to tear into the party. Rak'Shan was knocked unconscious by the armor's gauntleted fist and other party members were slammed by powerful blows as well. Eventually though, it was nothing more than a pile of parts on the ground. Vendee picked up the symbol and noted that it was made from a reddish metal and felt slightly warm to the touch. In the pile of parts a scroll was found as well -
First, bless the altar with a prayer to the gods,
Second, anoint the item to be used,
Last, channel the divine and keep to your faith.
You will be rewarded for your effort.

A search revealed two potions, an amethyst and a few electrum coins. Several members severly wounded and healing lacking, they returned to the chapel hall. Inspecting the altar more closely, it was thought after some discussion that the red metal holy symbol would fit into the carving of the crown on the altar. Using the instructions on the scroll, Flambo said a blessing over the altar, holy water was used to annoint the holy symbol and Cregg summoned the power of Tymira in a show of divine power. The holy symbol was placed into the altar and with a nearly inaudible 'click', the altar slid to the side, revealing stairs descending into a deeper darkness.

Some discussion was made and debate over whether to finish exploring the area they were currently in, lest they miss some clue or leave some monster to creep up on them, or to push deeper into the complex.

And here is where we ended the session...

Dramatis Personae:
CharacterSex/RaceXP GivenXP TotalNext Level
Flambo, Novice of VulknarMale Endu4902,1453,150 (+10%)
Vendee, Arcane WarriorMale Elf4272,2694,050 (+10%)
Galeena, Woman-at-ArmsFemale Halfling2578911,900 (+5%)
Lirus the ApprenticeMale Elf2829402,375 (+5%)
Cregg, Acolyte of TymiraMale Human3901,1501,350 (+10%)
Rak’Shan the InitiateMale Tigran4021,2101,663 (+5%)
Autumn, Woman-at-ArmsFemale Human2577121,900 (+5%)

Vendee has reached 2nd level!

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