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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ghosts of Onn

Ghost (M)
Armor Class:0[19]
Hit Dice:9
Attacks:1 touch (1d6 + aging) + gaze (fear)
Saving Throw:6
Magic Resistance:15%
Special:Immune to sleep, charm and hold, DR 9/+3 magic, fear gaze, aging touch, ethereal, flight
Move:210ft(70ft) fly
Challenge Level/XP:13 / 2,500

Ghosts are the restless spirits of powerful mortals that become trapped between worlds - unable to return to life or cross over to true death, they become bitter of everything living. They resemble the form of their former body, pale and translucent and misty. They can pass through solid objects while ethereal but may only attack other ethereal creatures while in this state. The gaze of a ghost causes fear (Ego saving throw negates) and their touch drains the vitality of the living, aging then 1d10 years (System Shock reduces this by half). Ghosts usually attempt to lead adventurers to their doom and feast on their remaining lives just before death. In some cases, a ghost can be laid to rest if its physical remains can be properly taken care of (not that the ghost will allow their bodies to be taken peacefully however).

For Swords & Wizardry, simply divide the first number of their movement score by 10, so movement is at 21 (fly). XP value would be 13 / 2,300.

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