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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Shao Disciple (Cleric Subclass)

Hit Dice Type: 1d6 per level; +1 hp per level after 8th level.
Armor/Shield Permitted: Padded armor; Light shields allowed.
Weapons Permitted: Tetsubo (Club), Daggers/Sai, Flails, Naginata (Pole-arm), Spear, Staff, Matera (Bastard Sword), Katana (Longsword), Wakizashi (Short Sword), Whip, Yumi (Long Bow), Crossbows, Dart and Sling.
Prime Attribute: Wisdom and Dexterity, 5% XP Bonus for 15+.
Attack Table: As per Cleric.
Alignment: Law/Good or rarely Neutral.
Starting Gold: 1d4x10gp.

Many monks never become more than lay worshippers devoted to a Higher Power, living in sects in self-sufficient communes on the edges of small communities and villages. Most of these sects keep to themselves, or only make minimal contact with the communities near them. Instead of following the path of becoming a Cleric, Shao Disciples focus their meditations on becoming closer to their deity and honing their spiritual and physical selves as one being that is as close to perfection that a mortal can attain.

The Shao Disciple is a sub-class of the Cleric that is wise and agile as well as dedicated to the tenets of Law/Good and follows a church or temple. Prospective Shao Disciples must have scores of at least 12 in Wisdom and Dexterity. Shao Disciples gain several special abilities from their meditations and adherence to their faith.

Shao Disciple Class Abilities

Vow of Poverty: Shao Disciples cannot own more wealth and gear than would constitute an unencumbered load. They may not amass more treasure then they need to live on.

Precognition (1st level): The Shao Disciple uses his Wisdom adjustment as well as his Dexterity adjustment to modify his armor class. He also gains the bonus listed on the table to his armor class as well. The Shao Disciple loses these bonuses to AC if he wears any armor other than Padded and/or a Light shield.

Unarmed Strike (1st level): When fighting without weapons, the Shao Disciple can use his body as a lethal weapon. Instead of swinging a sword or axe, they use punches, kicks, body checks and head butts to fight against their opponents. When fighting in this fashion, use the Unarmed Strike damage listed on the table. At 1st level they can harm creatures requiring silver weapons or arc wood to hit; at 5th level they can strike creatures requiring +1 magical weapons, 9th level +2 weapons or blessed weapons and 13th level +3 weapons or adamantine. At 7th level they gain a bonus attack every round.

Deflect Missiles (2nd level): Once per round, they may deflect or snatch a missile attack they are aware of by making a Dodge saving throw.

Disciple Combat Options (4th level): The character can select one of the Fighting-man Combat Options, except for Berserk. At 8th and 12th level an additional combat option may be taken.

Fast Movement (5th level): At 5th level movement becomes 150(50); at 10th level movement becomes 180(60) and at 15th level movement becomes 210(70). If the character is encumbered, his movement drops to the normal movement for his weight carried.

Healing Touch (6th level): Once per day, the Shao Disciple can heal 1d6 hit points of damage plus his level by using pressure points, massage and ancient techniques with a little mysticism.

Slow Fall (8th level): Falling distance is considered half as much if the character is within 10 ft of a wall or protrusions.

Mind Over Body (10th level): The Shao Disciple’s meditations fortify his mind and body. He gains a +2 bonus to saving throws against poisons and diseases as well as mental attacks. The Shao Disciple may go into a meditative trance that lasts up to 1 month per level. While in this state, the character physically appears dead, his body functions slowing until they become imperceptible. He knows the amount of time that is passing though and can come out of the trance at any time. While in the trance the character does not need food or drink, but must have air.

Spiritual Speech (11th level): The Shao Disciple learns how to speak to the winds and the earth, plants and animals. With their help, he can speak with virtually any creature.

Walk Between the Wind (12th level): 3 times per day, the character can dimension door up to his maximum movement.

Gentle Touch (14th level): One of the most potent powers a Shao Disciple develops, the Gentle Touch can produce one of the following effects once per day: cure disease, neutralize poison or a double-strength Healing Touch.

LevelTitleExperienceHDDodgeEgoToughnessAC BonusUnarmed
7Superior Master70,0007d69810-4[+4]d6/d6
8Grand Master128,0008d6879-4[+4]d6/d6
9Grand Master192,000+1 hp768-6[+6]d8/d8
10Grand Master262,000+2 hp657-6[+6]d8/d8
11Grand Master330,000+3 hp546-6[+6]d8/d8
12Grand Master400,000+4 hp546-6[+6]d8/d8
13Grand Master470,000+5 hp546-8[+8]d10/d10
14Grand Master540,000+6 hp546-8[+8]d10/d10
15+Grand Master+70,000+1 hp546-8[+8]d10/d10

For a conversion into Swords & Wizardry, they gain 1d6+1 hit points per Hit Dice and use the Cleric Saving Throw with modifiers.
For OD&D (LBB with or without Supplements) they gain d6 for hit points and refer to the Cleric class for rate of gain for acquiring Hit Dice, Saving Throws and Attack Table.


Kurt said...

I thought the Shao Disciple fought as a Fighting-man? That's how it went last night...

James Bobb said...

A mistake on my part. The 'playtest' (to coin that annoying word from Flambo's player) book is incorrect (something that I missed before I sent you guys the pdf's and corrected later) and as a Cleric Subclass they should attack as a Cleric of the same level. Instead of knocking him back a peg and 'penalizing' him I was just going to keep him at the +1 rank until 7th level, when Clerics move up to the +2 rank.

I actually can't believe that I missed it for all these months when I'm spotting stupid little mistakes like spelling and verbage.