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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Clericy Magic Goodness

In trying to create a small, yet functionable spell list for the faithful of Onn I had to 'reel in' some of the ideas I have for the faiths and their roles. Clerics (and other classes that recieve divine spellcasting) should be generic at their core, so that playing a Cleric of one faith is as simple as playing one from another faith, mechanincally speaking. The player should be the one who brings their character's views into the game. Many people may disagree due to their real-world religious indoctrination, but professing the worship of a make believe deity is no worse for the soul in playing a game than doing so in real life. It's a game, leave your real views outside the gaming table because not everyone is going to agree where religious matters (imagined or imagined) are concerned, but everyone is there to have fun. I've gotten email from 2 'groups' (calling them organizations would be giving them credit they do not deserve) over the months, who consider themselves old school PRG'ers but feel the inclusion of any class that represents a false deity or idol is inherently evil and wanted to 'save my game' from becoming another in a long line of youth corrupting material by demanding that I remove all of the polythesic elements and represent the one 'true' divine spirit. I declined, several times in fact. So, as the World of Onn Core Rules nears I thought I would give those divine casters some love.

The final spell list for Clerics for Onn looks like this:

Level 1
1 Command
2 Cure Light Wounds*
3 Detect Evil
4 Detect Magic
5 Light
6 Protection from Evil
7 Purify Food and Drink*
8 Remove Fear*
9 Resist Cold
10 Shield of Faith

Level 2
1 Bless
2 Consecrate*
3 Enthrall
4 Find Traps
5 Hold Person
6 Resist Fire
7 Silence, 15 ft Radius
8 Snake Charm
9 Speak with Animals
10 Spiritual Weapon

Level 3
1 Aid
2 Animate Dead
3 Continual Light
4 Cure Disease*
5 Locate Object
6 Prayer
7 Remove Curse*
8 Speak with the Dead
9 Striking

Level 4
1 Create Water
2 Cure Serious Wounds*
3 Death Ward
4 Dimensional Window
5 Glyph of Warding
6 Neutralize Poison
7 Protection From Evil 10 ft. Radius
8 Speak With Plants
9 Sticks to Snakes

Level 5
1 Commune
2 Create Food
3 Dispel Evil
4 Finger of Death
5 Healing Circle*
6 Insect Plague
7 Quest
8 Raise Dead

Level 6
1 Animate Object
2 Blade Barrier
3 Conjure Animals
4 Find the Path
5 Regeneration
6 Speak with Monsters
7 Word of Recall

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