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Monday, February 01, 2010

Other Uses for Turn Undead

So everyone knows that a Cleric's ability to use Turn Undead drives off (hopefully) undead creatures like skeletons, zombies and more powerful and exotic creatures (hopefully) as the Cleric rises in power. In games and campaigns that limit the ability in some manner (the World of Onn limits its use to 3 times per day, plus the character's Wisdom adjustment), some additional effects might be gleaned from channelling the divine power of your Deity. Consider these:
  • Show the Cleric the auras of faith any other Divine spellcasters in the area of effect have. The Cleric may not know what the faith is, but each Deity (or other creature able to grant divine spells) would leave a unique 'taint' on his spellcasting followers.
  • Perform Ceremonies by blessing the event with divine energy (marriage, investure of a new Cleric into the Order, Holy events, etc)
  • Bypass Clerical wards (Glyph of Warding or a Clerical Symbol) by making a sucessful Turn Undead attempt using the spell's level as a Hit Dice equilivent on the turning chart. A successful Turn shuts the ward down for 1d6+4 rounds, an automatic Turn shuts it down for 1 full turn, a Destroy or D+ result deactivates it for a day.
Creating effects for each faith would also be possible to further define them without a huge catalog of magical spells (although there's nothing wrong with a few 'faith spells').
  • A Fire Deity may allow his Clerics to use a Turn Undead attempt to create a light effect on his holy symbol equal to torchlight by causing it to burst into harmless flames, or allow his Cleric's weapon to burst into flames for an additional 1 point (Wisdom 13-16) or 1d2 points (Wisdom 17-18), or fire a bolt of flame from his holy symbol (requires a missile attack roll) that inflicts 1d4 points (Wisdom 13-16) or 1d4+1 points (Wisdom 17-18).
  • A Deity of Healing may allow his Clerics to heal 1 hit point to all the Cleric's allies in the area of effect, or allow the Cleric to Lay on Hands and heal 1d3+Wisdom adjustment to a single wounded character.
There are alot of interesting effects possible that require little rules crunching (many of them can be created on the fly by creative players and Referees) that enhance the character's faith without making the class unbalanced or overpowering.

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