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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tales from Sirac's Point, Session 11

Played Thursday, April 15th...

Mirus 5th, 5231 AC

Inexplicably, the group decided to trek back to the army camp they left the previous day. Flambo, citing his faith, regretted his negligence in looking for any portable forges that an army of that size would have carried. Also, there were some other things that other members of the group wanted to investigate. Rak'Shan, who wanted no part of going back, went 'looking for his lion' and would rejoin the group back in Sirac's Point in a week's time.

Making the trek back to the camp, Galeena (who was scouting) suddenly stopped and the group barely heard her screaming. Rushing to her last known position they found a large hole, nearly 10 ft across, dug into the earth. Below, they could hear her screaming to get her out and there was something moving in there with her. Flambo, remembering he had wings, took to the sky to keep a vigilant watch while she was fished out. Galeena scrambled topside, screaming that something was following her and Flambo noted at the same time there were several of the holes dotting the nearby area.

Seconds later, half a dozen stag beetles erupted from the burrow holes. There was furious combat with some impressive wounds, with one of the beetles impaling Autumn and dashing her to the ground before being dispatched. Flambo reported there were more holes all around them and the decision was made to leave the area quickly since there was the possibility of a colony under their feet.

They arrived back at the army camp and Vendee excused himself to start a patrol. The others set about searching for the mobile forge, eventually finding it. With what was left of the day, Flambo set about performing minor repairs to the party's weapons and armor.

Mirus 6th - 8th, 5231 AC

With the materials at hand, Flambo (with Autumn and Cregg's help) set about creating a mold for a rather large hammer that Flambo could reasonably wield with two hands. Going over the stocks for the campsite and the party's resources, there was some lamenting that they did not have access to any alchemical reagents to bond silver with steel to make a weapon-grade silver weapon. While the hail and rain fell over the camp Flambo was hard at work casting and forging his hammer, Vendee and Galeena relaxed.

Mirus 9th - 11th, 5231 AC

With Flambo done the rough casting and essential forging, he had a giant hammer (30 gp, 1d12+1, SF 8, 40 lbs, two handed for Large-size, cannot be used by Man-size or smaller) that he could work on with the forging tools while they travelled. Leaving early on the 9th of Mirus and under clear skies, the party again set their sights to the southwest, and back to Sirac's Point.

Mirus 12th, 5231 AC

In the afternoon, the party stumbled across three human bodies that were savaged by slashing attacks. Deducing either sword, axe or extremely sharp claws, the wounds were fresh and while not oozing blood still, the blood had not dried out yet. Flambo took to the sky with Galeena (citing her ability to find things well in just about any situation) to make sure there were no hostiles nearby. The rest of the group searched them quickly, one was found to possess a copper signet ring with the design of a lion's head. The rest of their equipment was mundane except for a short sword on one of the men’s' belt. It looked of common (old) design, with bronze wire wrapping the handle (a more common thing during the height of the Zuhn Empire and their advanced technology). Vendee drew the weapon, revealing a gleaming silver blade with golden inlays unworn by time or use. Cregg cast a detect magic revealing it has some magical enchantment. Not seeing any writing or enchanting runes on the weapon, Vendee cast read magic, revealing in magical writing the word "Evnar" written on the blade.

Reading the word aloud, Vendee felt a presence in his mind, but pushed it back out again and quickly sheathed the weapon, wrapped it on canvas, wound it in rope and placed it in a sack. By this time, Flambo and Galeena returned and reported the all clear. Discussion of the sword and its effect on Vendee were made and it was removed from the wrappings and bag so that Flambo could examine it. Being a representative of the Forge God, he may be able to deduce something about it the reasoning went. As a precaution though, Flambo cast protection from evil on himself before handling the weapon. He examined it, noting the old design and antiquity, but other than its sharp edge and new looking blade, could find nothing else about it. Autumn was offered a chance to handle the weapon, being a pure warrioress but she declined citing Galeena's handling of the black orb and unknown magical items' effects. Rewrapped and replaced in the bag, the group moved on.

Mirus 13th - 15th, 5231 AC

Under clear skies and warming weather, the group finally arrived at Sirac's Point on the morning of the 15th. Stopped at the Trader's Gate, a member of the guard informed them that skirmishes with units from the Kingdom of Brunn has made things uneasy for the citizens and all weapons larger than a dagger are required to be tied or confiscated. Brunn forces have made several investigatory movements and there have been two known ship conflicts on the seas.

Cregg made mention of the battlefield they stumbled across as well as the camp, much to the rest of the group's dismay. When pressed, the guard revealed the Brunn soldiery wore purple tabards, the same ones the fallen soldiers wore. The guard sent a runner for the captain and thanked them for the information, hustling them along and out of the gate so that others could pass through.

The rest of the day was spent visiting Cicero's Books with Haindrad's Journal. Cicero confirmed that the writing was indeed authentic, matching several plans he once owned dealing with Haindrad's Keep and when asked to read the end he closed the book and gave it back. "You have the most valuable work currently ever recovered from the Zuhn Era and a death sentence. If this was magically warded then whomever did so will know it has been recovered, please take it from here quickly!" Cicero would have nothing else to do with the book, even refusing to house it in his vault for fear of who may come looking for it, explaining "Apathos teaches his faithful Haindrad was a great hero and died faithful. If the priests learned otherwise, the carriers of the book would all be hunted down and put to death for their heresy to his church." The group agreed to take it and asked about the plans he mentioned. They were told to return in three days or so to give Cicero time to locate them.

They visited Suelomon's Wonders, dumping off several oddities they had found over the last month or so of adventuring, including some of the idols and statuettes. Producing one of the stag beetle heads, Flambo scared his assistant, making her jump on a table while screaming. She retrieved Vargas, head curator and promptly left. He examined the items and asked for a few days as well to properly evaluate them.

The group pretty much split up at this point, taking their shares of treasure and heading off into the market. Vendee visited a gunsmith trader from Kurtonus, purchasing several grenades for the three servitors; Galeena bought a suit of plate mail; Cregg and Autumn bought better armor and weapons as well (Cregg noticed all of the infrequent stares and whispering references to the Apathos symbols adorning his armor and decided to go lower profile for the time being).

Lastly Vendee ended up at Towere Sorcerere. Attended to by one of Varja's apprentices, he bought several scrolls to add to his spell book and Flambobought a silver horn that summons berserk warriors to aid him and nearly bought a magical weapon the apprentice called Tania's Staff of Holding. As it turned out, Vendee looks down on 'mage weapons' but Cregg did purchase a magical armband that once belonged to a faithful of Tymira and Autumn bought a magical scimitar. The group also paid to leave several items with the apprentice as well so that their magical properties could be identified and would return for them in a few days.

Here is where the session ended...

CharacterSex/RaceXP GivenXP TotalNext Level
Curate Flambo of VulknarMale Endu1,50013,86027,000 (+10%)
Vendee the Arcane GuardianMale Elf1,50014,52916,200 (+10%)
Galeena the WarrioressFemale Halfling7506,4077,600 (+5%)
Curate Cregg of TymiraMale Human1,50012,63527,000 (+10%)
Rak’Shan the DiscipleMale Tigran75010,36915,200 (+5%)
Autumn the WarrioressFemale Human7506,2287,600 (+5%)
Flambo and Cregg have reached the level of Curate!

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