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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy Weekend

Normally I keep things rolling out on the blog over the weekends while others go into 'weekend hiatus'. Fortunately (for me) this was a Gaming Weekend with my regular World of Onn - Tales from Sirac's Point game on Thursday the 15th and Saturday's 3.5e Magister Series game run by Jake. My work schedule covers weekends as well, so between being father, worker and gamer I had little time to have an online presence.

The Sirac's Point game has reached a point where, while it has been sandbox-heavy, there are things that go on whether the PCs have a hand in them or not. My players though seem to have a knack for being in the middle of the biggest poop though and several relevations came to light during Session 11. I'll post the full session log on Monday (my 1st day off next week!).

Something interesting has also been happening to the Saturday group for a while now, but I've refrained from commenting on it. Most of the people in that group are longtime gamer friends that stretch back into the AD&D days. They play 3.5e now, but there is a retro-culture movement in the group. While I was working on my Onn Core Rules, I took my leave from gaming on Saturdays so that I could put my free time into writing. While away it seems that oldschool elements have found their way back to the gaming table, albeit slowly, and are changing the game. One great example of this was last night. The topic of 'bouncing' lightning bolts off of walls and floors and fireballs that expand to fill their volume came up. The group all voted in favor of such things again. Jake (DM) said the change would be made, but he wasn't going to change the current rules in the middle of the session so there would be some consistency.

Now I know the major reason for the group playing 3.5e is as much economical as anything else. I sold off my entire collection of rulebooks in the summer of '08 to some lucky guy on e-Bay and never looked back. But easily, other people in tha group have spent over $1,000 for rulebooks, complete books, supplements, etc like I did. The amusing thing (as I see it) is we played the perfect game for the group back in the day and even with the modern version of the game, I've noticed the little bits being put back into it are directly from this era most of us played so long ago.

I gave out Onn Core Books to them as (very) late Christmas gifts because they were the group that primarily playtested my game and I would have never had the opportunity to create it without them. Maybe down the road I'll ask them to consider playing it in between the current-running campaigns as a filler if my work schedule allows for it and they seem receptive to the idea.

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