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Monday, April 05, 2010

The Psychic Class

This is the first of two posts detailing Psychics and their abilities for the World of Onn. This post will cover the class specifics and the second part will cover the mechanics for using psychic powers and abilities.

Hit Dice Type: 1d6 per level. After 9th level, +1 hit point per level.
Armor/Shield Permitted: Light armor; Light and Medium shields.
Weapons Permitted: Hand Axe, Club, Dagger, Flail, Light Mace, Spear, Staff, Short Sword, Short Bow, Light Crossbow, Dart, Sling.
Prime Attribute: Charisma, 5% experience bonus for 13+.
Attack Table: As per Clerics.

Some characters possess the ability to make things happen by an act of tremendous will. They have no training in the clerical or mystical arts, but yet exhibit a talent others unfamiliar with would call magic. An experienced Psychic character can be as powerful as any other regular spellcaster and some hide behind the guise of magic to protect their secret.

Psychic characters can be intelligent and wise, but it is the force of their personality that drives their powers. Due to the conflicted nature of the Charisma statistic, a character (especially a Psychic) with a high Charisma may not readily possess good looks or an abundance of wit or charm, but something makes people take notice of the Psychic. It does not always have to be definable or may sometimes be deemed that a Psychic has a presence or creepiness you can just feel when looking at them.

Psychic Class Abilities

Manifesting (1st level): A Psychic has the ability to manifest his psychic powers a total of 1 time per day, plus the character’s Charisma adjustment, plus half the total number of powers he knows. A starting Psychic has access to 1d2+1 powers. At each new level, the player rolls to determine his new psychic ability or alteration, if any. Because psychic ability is not a learned path, Psychics gain their powers in a haphazard, random manner.

Sixth Sense Psychic Ability (1st Level): Psychics can feel the threat of immediate danger just before it happens and possibly react. If the Psychic’s party is attacked from surprise or a trap is sprung, the Psychic gains an Ego saving throw. If the saving throw is successful, the Psychic may act immediately to shield an adjacent character from an attack or pull a character that will be affected by a trap out of harm’s way or some other similar reaction to the feeling. This will doubtlessly put the Psychic in harm’s path, with any applicable saving throws allowed or attack rolls made. If the Psychic reacts with their own self-preservation in mind, they gain a +1 bonus to any saving throw allowed or a -1[+1] bonus to AC against any attack roll made in the surprise round.

Psychic Power Research (1st level): A Psychic may meditate on and practice a power he doesn’t have for at least a month and spend time researching knowledge of it at a cost of 1,000gp per Power Level squared. At the end of the research time, the player adds his character’s Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma adjustments and his level and must roll 1d100 against the total. If he rolls under his total, he may choose his researched power when he gains a new level when he is high enough in level to manifest it.

Psychic Item Creation (1st level): Psychics with access to a meditation chamber may imprint a power into a small crystal (called a Power Stone) or a crystal rod (called a Focus) and use it as a 1-shot magic item, much like a potion or wand, using the following rules:

  • A power can be imprinted into a small crystal and affect any who will the stone to use its imprinted power. Only powers with a range of Personal or Touch can be imprinted into a power stone. The crystal used costs 100gp per Power Level squared and requires 1 day per Power Level to imprint.

  • A power can be imprinted into a focus for use by the Psychic or another of his class. Only powers with a range of Touch or greater can be imprinted into a focus. Foci cost 250gp per Power Level squared and takes 1 week, plus 1 day per Power Level to create. Foci created have 4d6+4 uses before burning out.
The Psychic has a chance of successfully performing one of these tasks equal to 20% plus 5% per level, minus 5% per Power Level, on a d100. If a 100 is rolled, a psychic backlash is caused, inflicting 1d6 points of damage per Power Level on the Psychic. All failures ruin the item to be created and require the Psychic to begin over from the start.

10Psychic390,000+1 hp657
11Psychic500,000+2 hp546
12Psychic610,000+3 hp546
13Psychic720,000+4 hp546
14Psychic830,000+5 hp546
15+Psychic+110,000+1 hp546

The Psychic will appear in the forth-coming World of Onn: Core Rules Companion Supplement and levels above 15 will be covered in that volume as well.

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