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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Psychic Class, Part 2

Manifesting Psychic Power
When a character manifests a psychic ability the player rolls 1d20 + Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma adjustments and consults the chart to determine if he is successful or not. No matter what the adjustments are, rolling a natural ‘1’ indicates psychic burnout - the character must succeed at an Ego saving throw with the psychic power’s level applied as a penalty to the roll. If failed, the psychic character is left reeling as if he were stunned for 1d10 rounds. In any case, the psychic cannot summon up the mental strength to manifest any additional powers until he has a good night’s sleep. Rolling a natural ‘20’ increases all of a power’s numerical factors by +50% and does not count against the number of times a Psychic can manifest his powers.

Manifesting Psychic PowersPsychic Level
Power Level1-23-45-67-89-10
Level I1917151311
Level II-19171513
Level III--191715
Level IV---1917
Level V----19

Gaining New Powers
When a Psychic character earns a new level, he gets a roll on the Psychic Powers chart under the appropriate level to determine whether they earn a new power or ability. If the character rolls a duplicate Psychic Power he may select one from the same level as the duplicate. Rolling a duplicate Psychic Ability allows its usage more times per day.

New Psychic Powers
Psychic Level
Power Level1-23-45-67-89-10
Level I01-9501-5001-3301-3301-33
Level II-51-9534-6634-5434-49
Level III--67-9555-7550-65
Level IV---76-9566-80
Level V----81-95
Psychic Ability96-0096-0096-0096-0096-00


Jeffrey said...

What are the powers & abilities?

James Bobb said...

They're still a WIP. I will say though, I like how things have shaped up thus far.

Anonymous said...

that's prett cool so far.
i'm really looking forward to see how all of this turns out.