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Friday, April 09, 2010

Tales from Sirac's Point, Session 10

It felt good to get behind the wheel again after being off for 2 weeks. Lots of developments from randomness and reinforcement that my dice hate me (or just like my players more)! Session recount will be available in a few days.

Updated 4/11 -

Solenus 25th - 32nd, 5231 A.C.
After the crypt was thoroughly searched, the group decided since the hole in the nearby room was seemingly the only way outsiders like the orcs could gain entrance into the tomb, they would use one of the larger sarcophagus lids and shatter some statuary for heavy rubble and plug the hole. Vendee and Cregg used scraps of leather from fallen enemies and cut cloth strips from cloaks to make a hammock for Galeena and attached it to the former orc chief’s throne and a statue. They hunkered down for a week like this, the Clerics trading off tending to the wounded.

Cregg got some lessons over the week from Vendee how to best fight and move about in heavy armor and though it wasn’t as intensive as formal training from a master, he feels more confidant about wearing it in combat. Vendee, for his part, identified the magical properties of the magical items the group had collected, but couldn’t identify the properties of the weapons or armor.

Haindrad’s journal was read as well, revealing that the assassin’s blade did not kill Haindrad as Apathos’ church teaches, but rather paralyzed him and gave him the appearance of death. Haindrad turned from his Deity in that moment, for letting him allow a traitor into his midst and Apathos cursed him for his willful defiance. When the clerics attempted to heal Haindrad, Apathos would not allow their magic to function, instead commanding them to inter Haindrad in the lower crypts and ward his tomb so that no evil could pass. They did so, interring Haindrad alive in his tomb, undisturbed for the better part of 5,000 years.

About 4 days into the week though, something heavy started pounding on the plug, shaking it slightly. Rak’Shan was keeping watch and reported something was amiss. The group made ready to put down whatever could break through the heavy stone plug, but after half an hour, the thudding stopped and did not start up again. On the eighth day, Galeena looked and commented how much better she felt.

During the week it was discussed whether to leave by way of the temple sub-level they entered through or see where the tunnel in the cracked room led to. This was voted down by the fact the group had obtained their objective and knew there were an unknown number of orc slavers who knew of the cave’s existence and probably knew something was inside the cave since it was blocked off now.

A lengthy discussion was made about whether or not to retrieve the long sword with Arek’s symbol from the upper level. There were some worried it would be found and used to great effect by an evil creature, others worried about it’s effects on the bearer (even if not actually used) and one member voiced their opinion that Galeena would make an attempt to steal it if left where it was. (She was indignant and explained she would have a bit of a hard time smuggling a sword as tall as her, and an even more difficult time wanting to play with something obviously magical and cursed after the ‘gem incident’.

Lirus the Apprentice’s body was recovered from where the group laid him to temporary rest and the trek was made to the surface where they entered the temple sub-level from. The warm-metal holy symbol ‘key’ was removed from the shrine’s altar and the group returned to the sunlight of the surface for the first time in nearly 2 weeks.

Travelling back to the expedition site where the Thunderwicket was resting, they noted the bodies left behind of their former comrades were missing hands and feet…wasting no time, they gathered any supplies they could scavenge, Vendee laid Lirus to rest and the group started the return trek to Sirac’s Point.

Mirus 1st - 2nd, 5231 A.C.

The first 2 days of travel were uneventful until the late afternoon of the second day. Having gotten clear of Haindrad’s Hills, the group entered the tall grasses of the savannah-like rolling plains. Rak’Shan was scouting in the lead since their scout went missing weeks ago, and suddenly he stopped. Surrounding the group were 15 gnolls, standing slowly up from hidden positions in the tall grass. Despite Rak’Shan’s heightened animalistic senses, the gnolls managed to surround the group. Sniffing the crosswinds, Rak’Shan noted he only smelled the tall grasses…the gnolls must have hidden their scent.

In broken common, one of the gnolls commanded the group - “100 gold to pass or your life!” Flambo, who grew up on the southern continent of Var-Ultar where gnolls rule one of the two most powerful empires, cautioned the group to make the payment. He knew the gnolls are a hunter race and some of the greatest trackers in the world, never giving their prey up easily. “Fine!” Vendee shouted back “100 gold!”

The two lead gnolls conferred for a moment and looked surprised. The rest of the gnolls looked like they were ready for a fight. “100 gold EACH” the lead gnoll retorted back. Rak’Shan threw his purse to them “here, this should cover all of us”. He turned to the group, “I can’t keep it all anyway, consider this my good deed today for all the healing”. The gnolls seemed surprised even further by this, being paid in full and by a tigran no less. They took payment and faded back into the tall grasses, gone as quickly as they came.

Mirus 3rd, 5231 A.C.

Waking up to an overcast day, the group set off, trudging through the waves of grass. The weather was still a bit chilly for this late in the spring too. After several hours of trekking through the wild, they happened across a battlefield, sever weeks old, littered with the bodies of purple-tabbarded humans and orcs with a red-claw tattoo on their forehead. Hundreds of bodies littered the field and seemed untouched by intelligent hands as there was broken gear and equipment littered everywhere on both sides. The field was searches but nothing valuable was recovered. Tracks were found leading to the site and the party back trailed them a few hours to the human’s camp.

Hundreds of tents were neatly lined in rows, most had fallen though. The group searched a few and eventually found a tent where a priest of Apathos was housed and the command tent where maps, plans and missives were strewn about by the wind. Gathering as much as they could, they discovered the leader’s name was General Tiberus and he moved thousands of troops out of the nearby ruins of Ventes, a small fishing village overrun by orcs. Several more groups of soldiers were supposed to meet the main host and smash the orcs, but no confirmation could be found. There was also found a letter from someone named Isold, begging Tiberus to return to Pax Valis and restore his family honor. The maps and missives the group gathered along with more supplies to augment their dwindling provisions. They made camp on a nearby hill to watch the site for any activity over night.

Mirus 4th, 5231 A.C.

Waking up to another chilly, overcast sky, the party left the camp behind and returned to their southwestern course of travel for Sirac’s Point. The clouds were getting darker from the northwest as they trekked and they started looking for a group of trees or tall shrubs in case a storm broke out. By late morning, rumblings could be heard overhead as the sky darkened. They found some trees and got into a nearby low position. Some time passed, but suddenly they were being pelted by golf ball-sized hail. Shields were raised over heads and they formed a shield wall to protect each other. Almost half an hour later, the hail subsided but the sky didn’t lighten up much. They continued on, wary lest they be pelted unexpectedly.

Later in the afternoon, they encountered a stone moai head, floating in the middle of nowhere. After eventually ascertaining it to be harmless the party learned it was a ‘Wise One’ and could tell them anything that existed and may be able to tell them the most predictable path their short term future holds. Through the ‘Wise One’ they learned the orcs had been wiped out and General Tiberus was still alive. Before much else could be learned, the ‘Wise One’ sank into the earth, muttering something.

The group circled up and could feel rumbling through their feet. Moments later, a gigantic, fanged-maw worm with deep purple skin burst through the earth to a height of about 15 ft. Deciding there was no where they could run and get away from the monstrosity, they attacked. Several minutes of furious combat ensued with Rak’Shan taking a horrible mauling but still on his feet. The worm spent a few minutes attacking ghostly weapons Cregg and Flambo conjured in the name of their Deities. Flambo took the worst though, being mauled and nearly swallowed whole by the creature, but instead went unconscious. The creature’s spiked tail popped through the earth near Vendee at one point, nearly skewering and poisoning Cregg who resisted the poisons covering it. Eventually the thing was driven off, not finding what it thought may be an easy meal of some herd animals. Flambo was gotten back onto his hooves by Cregg and the group moved on a bit before camping down for the night.

Here is where the session ended for the evening...

CharacterSex/RaceXP GivenXP TotalNext Level
Vicar Flambo of VulknarMale Endu2,39512,36012,600 (+10%)
Vendee, Arcane GuardianMale Elf2,59513,02916,200 (+10%)
Galeena the WarrioressFemale Halfling1,0475,6577,600 (+5%)
Vicar Cregg of TymiraMale Human2,39511,13512,600 (+10%)
Rak’Shan the DiscipleMale Tigran2,4959,61915,200 (+5%)
Autumn the WarrioressFemale Human1,0475,4787,600 (+5%)

Rak'Shan is now a Disciple!


Anonymous said...

I see that your infamous 'DM dice' have finally made the blog...LOL!


James Bobb said...

Read Session 8's post - the 'Tale of the Dice' comes out strong in that one...

Anonymous said...

I noticed the hiatus XP is not included in this total. ... Just wondering.

James Bobb said...

My mistake, the XP totals have been corrected.