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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Psychic Weapon Examples

To the casual observer, a Psychic appears much as a spellcaster does, invoking powers that seem magical and create effects that sometimes are similar in nature to magic. Here are several weapons that make use of the Psychic's Astral Field and seem similar to magic, but to the Psychic are as mundane as the physical weapons they are created in the image of.

Psychic Weapons Table
Weapon NameCostDamageSFWeightNotes
...Battle Axe100 gp1d842-
...Hand Axe20 gp1d622-
...Dagger40 gp1d412-
...Long sword300 gp1d842-
...Short Sword160 gp1d622-
Mind Gun3000 gp1d8+112-
Mind Rifle6000 gp1d12+164-
Thought Whip100 gp1d3527

Psychic weapons all resemble a crystalline handle (Astrillium) of different designs. The design of the handle determines the shape of the weapon. When held by a Psychic or a Natural Talent, the crystal focuses a fraction of the wielder's Astral Field into a solid, tangible weapon. Mind Guns (pistols) and Mind Rifles (rifles) form the Astral Field into small bursts, fired by the weapon at the appropriate time. Thought Whips have the same abilities as a normal Whip (notation 7). Damage inflicted is the same as a normal version of the weapon in all cases.

Optionally, the wielder's Charisma (instead of Strength) can be used to determine bonus damage if the Referee deems Charisma to be in line with determining a character's 'force of personality'.

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