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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Scorn

Scorn (L)
Armor Class:0[19]
Hit Dice:6+6 to 9+9
Attacks:great spear (1d6+4) + tail (1d6+poison)
Saving Throw:11 (6HD), 9 (7HD), 8 (8HD), 6 (9HD)
Morale:8 (6-8HD), 9 (9HD)
Magic Resistance:Nil
Special:Strong poison
Move:150 ft (50 ft)
Challenge Level/XP:7 / 600 (6HD), 8 / 800 (7HD), 9 / 1,100 (8HD), 10 / 1,400 (9HD)

Once long ago the Scorn were natives to the midlands of Var-Ultar, before the Fire in the Sky. When the Fire carved its path of destruction through Ossus and Var-Ultar, the land and people that dwelt there were changed horribly - the land became a dry desert where only the hardiest plants could survive. Of the people, the few not killed outright by the event were horribly mutated. Most of these died off as well, but those who call themselves the Scorn are a tauric combination of man and giant scorpion that thrive in the dry wastelands. Scorn combine the body of a giant scorpion, but where the ‘face’ should be sprouts a bloated humanoid torso. Occasionally a slight mutation leaves a newborn scorn with the claws of the giant scorpion as well, granting 2 additional attacks for 1d6+1 damage each. The scorn are divided into tribes that criss-cross the Ironsands Desert. For the right price, they can be hired out as guides...but most enjoy the life of desert raiders.

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