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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Core Rules, 2nd Printing Progress II

Over the last few days I've gone through the Referee Section. There wasn't so much clairifying of the previous rules, as they were heavy enough to work on their own without turning them into a railroad, but remain more like guidelines and advice (as they should be). Several sections were added or added to with additional information. This information took the page count from that section from 8 pages up to 15, and included additional things like:

General Guidelines on new condition types (like being dazed, stunned, diseased, etc)
Rules for spells that rely on Concentration to maintain their effect
Dungeoneering Skills have been expanded (but not really clairified so they remain loose guidelines)
Some notes on environmental effects (like underwater combat)
The appendix for Strongholds and Fiefdoms has been expanded upon and added to this section as well
Reputation Rules, Item Saving throws and much more!

Next up I'm tackling the Monster Section. It's 54 pages of Monsters that will need reformatted and I plan to add about 30 additional monsters (hopefully only about 10 pages additional) and some guidelines for lairs and monster spellcasters (about a page worth). We'll see how it goes!

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