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Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Magic Items

A couple of the new/old magic items being added to the 2nd print of the Core Rules I thought I'd share (and compatible with Swords & Wizardry as well):

Prayerbeads of the Ages: This string of prayer beads contains a bead with the symbol of each deity inscribed on it (though some may be incomplete if found already used). If the prayer beads are used during 30 consecutive days when a divine spellcaster prays or worships to his deity and a bead dedicated to the deity is on the string, the bead disappears and the character’s Wisdom is raised by 1 point permanently. Usable by: Divine spellcasters.

Circlet of Power (-1, -2 or -3): This electrum band is worn about the head and possess a black pearl flanked by twin diamonds. While worn by a spellcaster, victims of his magic save with the penalty indicated. Usable by: Spellcaster classes.

Amulet of Magic Resistance (10%, 20% or 30%): Wearing this amulet grants the stated magic resistance to the wearer against all spells used on him. Usable by: All Classes.

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