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Friday, June 04, 2010

Ethereal Barrier

Ethereal Barrier
Spell Level: Magic-user, 5th Level
Range: 60 ft
Duration: 1 turn / level

Ethereal Barrier causes a bit of Ether to be drawn into the caster’s presence and formed into a wall, cage or sphere. The barrier is indestructible to any means short of a disintegrate, wand of negation, limited wish or a full wish or an etherite weapon inflicting a total of 10 points per caster level on the wall. Magic cannot be cast through the wall or sphere versions of the Ethereal Barrier. The barrier also extends into the Ethereal Plane, thus creatures such as shifter cats can be trapped and even teleport-type magics are useless to escape the sphere version. The wall is 1 inch thick, and has a surface area of 200 feet (usually 10 ft x 20 ft); the cage can affect up to a 20 ft cube while the sphere affects roughly a 10 ft radius.

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